Monday, June 13, 2016

Thoughts On Orlando And The Current Islamization of America

Many folks are saying we need to pray for the victims of the terrible shooting in Orlando. They are also saying we need to pray for a stop to such 'hate crimes' (no it's not me calling it a hate crime).

While I pray for the victims and for an end to it all, I realize attacks like the one yesterday while driven by maniacal hatred are not 'hate crimes' per se. They are a part of the invasion of the United States by a form of state posing as a religion that wishes only to either destroy or convert and conquer us and I think they would prefer destroying us. They have their operatives already here, or yet to enter, carry out their wishes for our destruction. History speaks to this in every country in which Islam has established itself. Sooner or later, as their population reaches a certain level, and thus as those who are fanatical enough also reach a certain level of the population, they conquer and rule that country in the name of their so called god. That most in that religion do not object and fight against such is proof of their complicity and of it not being just a problem created by a handful of fanatics. 

As for praying, it only does so much. Imagine how much good praying will do if you find yourself in a situation that the victims found themselves in in Orlando. If you think the police, the Lone Ranger, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, or even the Flash will arrive in time to help - just keep on dreaming and be ready to become a victim. I believe otherwise. I believe I stand more of a chance fighting than I would cowering in a rest room - and that goes if I am armed or unarmed. I believe we need to be ready and willing fight for our lives and the lives of other innocents and that includes here at home in the face of these acts of ISLAMIC TERRORISM. 
Let's face it, the Islamists who perpetrate these terroristic acts are monsters who need to be put down, there is no other solution and never has been another solution throughout history. Since the police usually are not there when these things commence because the cowards so often choose soft targets, who can defend you and yours but you! Try to remember all those others I mentioned are comic book heroes, so there is no chance of them showing in time and even the real ones, the police, take time (too much time through no fault of their own) to get there. So, I advocate that you prepare yourself, legally arm yourself and be ready to legally defend yourself and other innocents from this barbarism known as Islamic Terrorism.
If you live in a state or locality that makes it hard for you to do so, take a moment and think about whether or not you voted for an elected official who made it that way. Then if you did vote for an anti-gun politician take some responsibility during the next election by voting for someone who will advocate for your right to keep and bear arms and to defend yourself. If you think that is going to be Hillary Clinton, take your head out of your ass. She would not even let the military defend our personnel in Benghazi and is already talking more gun control before the victims are buried.
All the best,
Glenn B