Sunday, March 24, 2013

More Or Less A Year Has Passed Since... first post-cancer treatment CT-Scan and PET Scan, they came out all clear as were one or two other CT Scans between then and this week. 

Well, I just had another CT Scan last Monday, then saw the docs on Wednesday, and the chemo doc told me I do not have to come in until a year from now for my next one. I will keep seeing the radiation doc, but also less frequently, next visit is in six months instead of three. The chemo doc admitted that I am doing better than had been expected; to tell the truth I don't think he really had expected me to be doing anything right around now except resting eternally, he just seems amazed, and happy that I am doing well. He was a real truth teller though, I have to admit that. He gave me 50/50 odds "at best" that I would beat it and that is just how he put it - with stress on "at best". He also said it would be the toughest thing I had ever done in my life and I have to admit, he hit the nail on the head with that statement and the both docs drove it home with radiation and chemo treatments that they called aggressive. Now I have one other thing to admit, while it was definitely the toughest thing I ever have done and while I would not wish it on my worst enemy, it was worth the fight.

I did not do it alone though; I have to say I had a lot of help from family, loved ones, friends and all of you in the Blogosphere.

My sincere and heart felt thanks to all of you who inspirited me and urged me to KICK CANCER'S ASS!

All the best,
Glenn B