Monday, November 9, 2020

So A Guy In A Gun Forum Said...

...this in response to folks being what he seems to think is overly concerned about Biden possibly becoming president (and yes there is an outside possibility he will not become president - one can hope):

"It’s almost like people think we lost the senate and SCOTUS doesn’t have a 5-4 constitutional majority...

I better run outside and scream at the sky while there’s still time"

 This was my reply:

"Well, going with the "It's almost like some people think" kind of a thing, let me says this:

It is as if some folks do not recall the amount of executive orders put into place by both President Obama & President Trump or think that they also can be done by any president (on either side) and if Biden becomes president it certainly will not favor our side as supporters of the Constitution nor our most precious right, the RKBA, when he gives such orders. Also bear in mind President Trump nor Obama needed both sides of Congress there when passing executive orders - Congress be damned was the theme. There is nothing, that I can see right now, to legally stop Biden for doing it tenfold beyond all the executive orders they put forth combined.

Then there are the RINOs in the Senate that will kiss Biden's arse just as they kissed Obama's (should Biden actually become president - lawsuits are pending and hopefully can straighten out any inconsistencies or fraud in the election). John McCain was the leader of that pack with Mitt Romney following close among others, even Mitch McConnell all too often seemed to poke his turtle head right through but going the wrong way into Obama's arse to appease him and the left.

If the 5-4 Supreme Court decides that executive orders are not legal in too broad a manner, that could undo all the good president Trump did with those he gave to the betterment of this nation. If they look too narrowly, then each of any such orders given by Biden, should he actually become president, maybe would have to be looked at on what could become an order by order basis and where would the money come to pay for all those legal actions? I think you are looking at it with a very narrow view considering all that could happen under a Biden administration.

You do realize, once he becomes president (if so), the economy will suddenly start to correct itself and then bloom and blossom into a vibrant one just by way of blue states, like NY & CA, dropping all or most of the COVID-19 restrictions on work places. As soon as places of business, those that have not gone under, begin to open en masse again, people will love it - they will be going out, working, making money, driving around, buying gas; going out to: dine, to the movies, to shop, to go on vacation and they will be spending their hard earned dollars all over the place. Their dollars from work that it will appear Joe Biden gave them by saving the economy by convincing Dem states to reduce or eliminate restrictions. By the way, those new found dollars will replace the ones many just ran out of while their unemployment benefits expired. Do you think when that happens people will think back and say it's just like it was under President Trump's pre-pandemic economy and we have trump to thank? Or, is it possible, they will see Biden as now having the magic wand that eluded Obama and see Biden as the one waving it and making the economy boom. If he somehow keeps it going for 4 years - the dems very likely will be reelected in 2024 no matter what else they do to screw things up or head us toward socialism. Of course, before they do that, they will attempt to pass a huge pandemic relief bill to give people free money from the G (there's that socialism thing sneaking in there) and it will be much bigger than anything given by the Trump administration. Think it won't pass, just watch the RINOs line up to kiss his arse as they did under Obama.

In addition, Biden will probably get the rioting and looting to stop within 6 months at most because of any economic stimulus package that will appease the looters & rioters. He probably will start programs like the one under which Obama had attempted (or at least wished) to make the police & federal law enforcement as strong as our military (remember his promise to do so - what was his goal but tyranny). The devil in the eyes of the Dems will have been removed from his throne and their god will have risen to it with Camel-Toe the most liberal of all the other past democratic senators at his side VP Elect Kamala Harris and the insurrectionists of the left will be appeased and wait for direction from Biden or other leftists like Soros and Bloomberg.

Personally, I do not think Biden is not going to survive his first four years in office. Actually, my guess would be he does not make two years maybe not even one before he is either declared incompetent or before he suddenly dies of something like an accidental fall or a stroke (maybe with a tiny needle-hole hidden somewhere on his body through which an undetectable poison was injected to 86 him - think Clintonesque). I truly believe the democrats in power do not want him as their president and they believe that not only is he expendable but that he was pushed though because they wanted someone who is expendable and who already comes with a ready made reason for an unexpected death or to be booted out of office - a reason like dementia or some other deteriorating brain disease (from which he already seemingly suffers). I think he is extremely burdensome to their leftist causes and that they would prefer Harris to be in that position with her super extreme leftist agenda.

I suppose some folks really do not see some or maybe even any of that but it is the way I think it could and may happen - all that without me screaming at anyone or anything - especially not at the sky. After all the abhorrent, non-factual, bogus, outright dishonest and seemingly criminal ways they tried to eliminate president Trump from the office of the presidency, I would not for a moment fail to imagine those things or worse will possibly be attempted by the Democrats to push through their socialist agenda and push Biden out of their way while doing so."

Well, that's how I see it anyway - no screaming at the sky required.

That done, I am going to Homer's Depot to buy some wood and slotted garden blocks to finish the hibernaculum on my tortoise enclosure.

All the best,
Glenn B