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ATT Customer Service - It Stinks!

I contacted ATT about  4 weeks ago because my cellphone was having problems. It took several attempts to see if they could get it working even after I told them I had tried everything they were telling me to do (I have had prior experience troubleshooting my phones). They finally admitted it was kaput. Somehow, they said that my phone was still under warranty even though it was a replacement under the insurance plan which phones I believe only have a 90 day warranty and it had been replaced more than 90 days prior. Anyway, I thought GREAT - better than having to shell out $50 through the insurance plan. What a mistake was that thought!

It took them over a week to send me a replacement phone and the replacement phone was damaged so I had to send it back. That, though, only after a customer service representative insisted that I had to first bring it to an ATT store to verify it was damaged. She argued I could not mail it back to ATT without first proving it actually was damaged. After a way too long discussion with her, I just refused and she relented - since she had been wrong in the first place. I later complained about her during another call to ATT and found she had not made arrangements to ship me a new replacement upon ATT receiving the defective replacement phone.

So, in a third call, I both complained about that witch and arranged for a new replacement phone to be sent to me once ATT got the old one. That took another 3 weeks or so until all was said and done. Then, yesterday, I had the new replacement phone, activated. It came with a new SIM card and needed to have my ATT address book numbers transferred to it. The customer service rep told me how to transfer numbers from my ATT Address Book to my new replacement phone. Funny how that did  not work.

I called them again today and tried to have a rep walk me through it. He did several times and then told me that somehow all the numbers in my ATT Address Book had disappeared. Then he tells me he will check another way if I give him my sign-on and password. I politely refused to give him my password, just as ATT and any other reputable company tells you to do if asked for your password by their employees, and he apparently got a bit pissed and starts sort of reprimanding me as to how he is only trying to help me and asking me for my password over and over again. If I said no once - wasn't once enough!

You have to wonder, or at least I wonder, if he just told me that the numbers had been deleted, why is it he needed my password since they were not there for him to acquire anyhow. Anyway, I just politely refused, said goodbye and later tried online as he said he was going to have done had I given him my password. Oddly enough the numbers were gone making me again wonder why he wanted my password.

Customer Service with them had been horrendous, then got a bit better, but seems to have again fallen into a deep and dark abyss. My solution will be to just say screw ATT. When the wife's contract expires, I am changing to Verizon. That is in about a year or so but I can wait. My son's contract (on our Family Plan) will last for longer than that but he is about to find out that he will be paying for his own account, that single line, once my wife's contract expires. My phone's contract expired well over a year ago.

ATT customer service, in my opinion, is terrible; it has been one case after another in a continuing saga of lousy customer service I have received from them over the past year or so. Yeah, there have been some good instances of service from them too but the bad far outweighs the good.

All the best,

Our Educators = Mindless?

Once again education in the USA has come to the forefront in an embarrassing way, this time relative to the zero tolerance policy that most schools have in effect regarding student possessing weapons. While I can understand, but not agree with all reasons, why educators may not want weapons in a school, I am totally befuddled by the actions of Bayside Middle School. It was there that 6th grader Adrionna Harris reportedly took a razor like blade away from another student who had been cutting himself with it. She then threw it away and notified school staff (source).  In the world as it used to be she would have been hailed as a hero for quite possibly having saved a life but in today's world, that more resembling Bizarro World than anything else, she was suspended with a recommendation of expulsion.

Take this a step further, imagine a crazed shooter entering the school with a dreaded full auto BB gun and advancing on students and faculty alike with evil intent. If another student wrested away the gun and saved students and staff from being shot in their eyes - would she too face suspension and termination. Its absolutely crazy to not only think it could happen but to know it is exactly what is happening. Our educators have drunk from the same source as one another and it's definitely not Kool-Aid they are drinking unless it has been laced with something that has turned them into mindless automatons. And to think, they are educating our children - that is scary.

All the best,
Glenn B