Saturday, May 22, 2010

If This Turns Out To Be The Policy of ICE...

...all I can say is, in my personal opinion, that it will be an absolute disgrace. The 'it' is this: "Top Official Says Feds May Not Process Illegals Referred From Arizona". Bear in mind that President Obama, and his political appointees such as Mr. Holder, Ms. Napolitano, and Mr. Morton seemingly keep on telling us what a great job the federal government is doing in stemming the tide of illegal aliens crossing our borders. Now we have Mr. Morton, an underling of Ms. Napolitano, reportedly saying, in essence, that one of the main agencies tasked with enforcement of Immigration and Nationality laws may not do its part to enforce the laws of the United Sates of America IF THOSE SAME LAWS ARE ENFORCED BY A BORDER STATE and the border state wants to turn over illegal aliens to the custody of the United States of America!

Oh please tell me, as a private citizen, that these people will be out of office come the January following the next presidential elections or sooner (by way of some legal means). As a private citizen, I have never been so disgraced in my life by what my government has been doing. As if that were not enough, can you imagine, even for a moment, being pro-legal immigration, strongly against illegal entry into the U.S. by aliens (I will not call them immigrants because I will not insult those people who legally immigrate here nor will I insult those waiting to come here legally), very much pro the United States of America, a federal law enforcement agent who is an employee of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and a person who started his career in the Border Patrol! I can because that describes me.

I have to do what they tell me to do at work, within legal and ethical guidelines, and I do my job without prejudice or reservation as long as it is legal and ethical because it is my duty. Yet, I do not have to like it personally. Personally I am ashamed to admit to anyone that I am part of, what I see in my opinion, as this huge immigration mess that I believe will lead to the downfall of our nation if not reined in soon. Not enforcing the laws already on the books, and allowing illegals to remain here without threat of removal or deportation, is not helping at all as I see it in my personal opinion.

I just said I do my job because it is my duty but I have another duty as a private citizen and that is to vote. I cannot tell you how to vote, I cannot endorse a candidate nor can I endorse a party. I can tell you though what are my hopes for our government and how I will vote and I will vote to get these folks out of Washington, DC because I hope for a better America where the people who come here do not commit a crime as their first act on U.S. soil. I can also say this, you should remember things like, what I believe are, the immigration failings of our current administration. Remember them all the way through the next two major elections, the first for Congressional seats and the next for the presidency.

All the best,
Glenn B

Watch This and Be Afraid - Very Afraid

No way to embed the video here, so click on the link and watch the very informative video. I am shocked that the mainstream media is finally getting it. How about you, are you getting yet?

Demand that your elected officials fix this or vote the bums out in November.

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