Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Thought About The Road Leading To The Election

It would come as little surprise to me since the thought has crossed my mind since early on; however, that would be a disappointment - a truly big disappointment. If though that was proven to be the case,then the remedy (if anyone actually wanted a remedy) likely would have to be a revolution since we already have seen that federal law enforcement has given Clinton a get out of prosecution card let alone a get out of jail card.

Hat tip to John B for that meme.

All the best,
Glenn B


Yep, I've got some of them, other than those used in the kitchen and at the grill.; I suppose most of us do.

Out of what knives I do have, I have one, maybe two pretty nice looking knives. Most of the rest are very utile and nice not so much in looks but in that they have stood up to a lot of tough jobs. I must point out though, I just broke the point off of my Buck 110 folder (funny but it does not show in the pic). The missing tip is only a small bit of the blade but it will require a little doing with a few stones to set it right enough again. Then there are the blades on the two smaller K-Bars that my son decided to sharpen along the leading top edge, one of them is pictured. Oh man, what a job but at least he tried. Anyway, it still works as good as new. 

As you can see, some of my knives have taken a beating over the years. I can only hope that the Case Christmas Trappers I gave to my son and my three brothers-in-law have survived better than most of my useful knives. Too bad for me, I never got myself one of those.

The bottom two get a lot of daily use. The other was a gift from my
brothers-in-law. I keep it in my basement and get some use out of it.
It is excellent at opening bottles of beer when I can't find the Hunstman.

I use these a lot when in the great outdoors & sometimes around the house.

Two on your left inherited from my brother were gifts I had given to him
over the year. The other three were a cheapo set I got for a bargain price;
they may come in handy sometime but are kept in a cigar box for now.
A Kevin Johnson, DNZ Trading Co., custom Bowie with 8"
Damascus Steel blade, bull bone handle and leather sheath.

Kevin Johnson, DNZ Trading Co.,  C Series, 11" Trapper Knife with
a 6" Damascus Steel Blade, Pakka Wood Handle and leather sheath.

Spyderco, Bill Moran knife with Kydex sheath.

There are some other knives that are not in the pics, such as two more of the large K-Bars (one brand new in the box and hiding somewhere) and one more of the small K-Bars. There are some Swedish Mora(?) knives in my emergency kit. I also have several Schrade knives, used to love their Old Timers when made in America but I think only one or two of my current Schrade knives were made in the USA. There is also a supposedly collectors Schrade also in hiding somewhere in my basement. Except for the 3 yellow handled Schrade knives in the one photo, all the other Schrade knives pictured were all inherited by me from my brother. I had given them to him as gifts long ago and my sister-in-law asked me what I wanted and that is what I took. There is also a machete, I think by Gerber Knives, around here someplace. My son gave me that and I have not used it in the few years since then; I have been saving it for the Zombie Apocalypse.

As for my knives that are not pictured, Heaven knows where they are hiding cause I sure don't. I imagine I will come across them again sooner or later.

All the best,
Glenn B

My Bucket List


Become a better and calmer and better man, husband and father (and, I should add, grandfather).
Save a person’s life (I may have done it already when there was a fair to good potential that the person’s life was threatened but I would like to do so and know for sure that I saved someone from certain death).
Travel to North Dakota and Hawaii (Which I think are the only two states I have not visited.)
Walk 100 miles, or more, in one trip. 

Move out of NY to a free state.

Get a job having to do with firearms (not carrying them but servicing them, being a firearms instructor, selling them, something like those jobs).

Drive cross country and back. I have driven one way several times.

Teach my grandson to shoot (he is only a month and a half old, so that is pretty far off from now).

See my grandson graduate High School.

Take my grandson (my daughter’s son) and my son hunting and fishing together.

Live in relatively good health, health that is better than mine now with much less pain than now, until I am at least 80 to 85.

Catch a fish weighing 75 pounds or more.

Bag a large black bear.

Bag a 12 point (or higher) buck.

Get into reloading. (I am working on that, just ordered almost everything else I need except powder and primers and a new reloading manual and once the floor in the basement is either painted or has linoleum down on it I can set up a bench and start.)
See my son set out on his own to become successful in his life and be happy with it.
There are probably other things I could think of that I would like to do in my remaining time on this earth and in this life but those would be enough to keep me happy now and again.
All the best,
Glenn B