Tuesday, May 7, 2019

I Set A Personal Record Today

I took a little drive today (actually yesterday as it is after midnight as I write this). The record I set was the distance I drove in one day - 907 miles. It may not be a lot for someone else but damn, it beat my longest previous drive by about 125 -150 miles or so. Had it not been pretty late when I hit that mark, I would have driven for another hour or two but being 11PM I figured I had best grab a motel room for the night. My last record setting drive, as best I can recall, was about 750 to 775 miles and that was back in 1983 when I was a sprite young lad of 28. Maybe I drove a bit more than that later on but not as best I remember. I certainly never drove over 900 miles in one day before.

All the best,
Glenn B