Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Veteran's Support Organization - Is It Legit Or A Fraud?

You can watch the video and decide for yourself, or maybe decide to seek out more info. Me, I think I may direct my money elsewhere.

Veterans Support Organization: MyFoxNY.com

All the best,
Glenn B

Decent Deal On .223 Ammo From SGAmmo

I placed an order with SGAmmo, last week, for 400 rounds of .223 ammo. I received it today. I figured I would do my son a favor and pick him up some additional .223 ammo. He is a good guy and deserves it. Now, I suppose I'll have to get something for my daughter to of equal value.

The ammo I ordered was 400 rounds of .223 Federal American Eagle 55gr FMJ ammo, AEBP223B. The deal is not as good as you would get per round if you ordered a full case but it is a pretty good price for 400 rounds. It was $119.50 plus $12 shipping. If you are interested, go here:

As far as SGAmmo goes, they received my order, sent a prompt email confirmation that same evening, then sent an email update in the early afternoon of the very next day saying the order was filled, and the day after that I got an email saying it had shipped. I was supposed to get it on Friday but for some reason it was delayed in transit by UPS and I received it today - no fault of SGAmmo. When I got it today, it was packaged well, and contained what I ordered. All was well - what more could you ask for!

I'll certainly shop with them again but not for awhile because I am pretty much tapped out after having to pay the unexpected expense of a replacement for our failed clothes dryer; that hurt. (I would have never ordered the ammo had I known the dryer was going to go belly up, and I still feel I have to do something for my daughter since I did something for my son, so the bucks are sure to be scarce. Oh well...)

All the best,
Glenn B