Thursday, May 23, 2019

Found A Nice Deal On AR Mags & 5.56 NATO Ammo Today...

...pretty much thanks to Wirecutter and his blogpost:

P-mags – Get ’em while they’re hot

The thing is, I did not get the deal he posted about. I tried ordering ten (1) of the MAG571 PMAGs about which he blogged and at first all was going well, my order needed one more click and I would have had ten (1) 30 round MAG571 PMAGs for $79.99 with free shipping. That is all was well until my connection to Palmetto State Armory went down. When I logged back in a few minutes later - no matter what I did the promotion code did not work. I cleared my browser cache and tried again - no good; I ran CCleaner and cleared the browser cache and tried once more - no good. I used another browser - still no good. I called Palmetto State Armory, the guy in online customer service told me that I could order them at $12.30 each plus shipping, complete that order, call back customer service and they would refund the amount of the discount to my charge card. I said thanks and goodbye, was about to hang up and he said wait a minute; said he just ran the promotion code and it was not coming up so it must have expired. My guess, it expired and that is why I lost my connection when first making the order. Then I figured, let me try on my phone - still did not work - so I guessed he was right and the code had expired.

I looked around the site for similar offers on other PMAGs. Then I found this one (in case the link expires it was $199.99 shipped for ten (1) of the same PMAGs plus a 420 round ammo can of Federal 5.56x45mm, 55 grain, XM193LC1AC1 ammo). Now, I don't know what you think but I think that to be an even better deal. Lowest price I could find on was $137.10 including shipping from Classic Arms (as I key this in). Most other places were considerably higher for the ammo and all other dealers I checked were much higher for the magazines at around a minimum of $12.00 each.

So, at $199.99 - with free shipping - for both, I got a great deal. Had them sent down to my son in AR. Of course, when I move down south to either AR, TN or TX, I'll have to make an AR one of my first purchases and try out those mags and ammo before he gets to them.

If you want either deal, look for those PMAGs and try the code PMAG - it may yet work but you need to order a minimum of ten for that deal. Someone on Kenny's site said it is an on again / off again thing. Otherwise, if you want the ammo and the mags, click this link

While I did not get the same deal that Wirecutter posted about, it's thanks to him I visited PSA in the first place and then found the other deal I did get. A hat tip and my thanks to him.

All the best,
Glenn B