Sunday, May 27, 2018

I've Been Sitting Here... my desk, downloading firearms manuals from the Internet. Been at it for well over two hours now, some download in the wink of an eye but others are taking up to a couple of minutes or longer - thankfully though most don't take that long. My source for them is a list of PDF files that someone got off of Steve's page 7B (his firearms manuals page). At the current time (as I write this blogpost)  - you no longer can access those files by going to Steve's Pages. Luckily someone else downloaded them and linked to them or somehow just linked to them and his links are still active through a backdoor to the files at Steve's Page 7B. The site I am downloading them from is to be found here. Hmm, maybe I should spell out the link just in case:

So far, I have downloaded 128 files and I am only into the Bs - up to the many Browning firearms that are on the list. While there are plenty of files left to download from the link at that page - sadly it only gets you as far as a few J.C. Higgins guns. Now, if you go to that site and click on manuals you (or at least I) cannot download any of the files and he has many more listed there much like on the original Steve's Page 7B. Why they will not download is beyond me but a pop-up appears asking for user name and password and inputting the user name and password they tell you to use does not work (as I said, at least for me). So I am left with potentially being able to download A through some of J and am still at it. Heck, once I quit tonight, I'll probably be at it tomorrow for at least another few to several hours. These files definitely are worth the time and effort to download.

All the best,
Glenn B