Friday, June 1, 2007

Prom Night...

...sounds like lots of fun, well for the kids. From what I can see from a parent's perspective it can be a somewhat worrisome night, followed by the same for the weekend. Brendan and his girlfriend Julia are attending her prom tonight. They seem to be looking forward to a great time, and I cannot blame them, it does promise to be fun with the prom, a nice dinner, then a weekend in the Hamptons with a bunch of prom goers. Yes it will be chaperoned, but I imagine other parents are still concerned like me. I met Julia's family tonight for the first time, and her dad seemed as concerned as am I. We have good kids though, so I am pretty confident all will work out well. Of course neither of the moms seemed worried at all. My wife, to the right with Brendan, was all smiles. Sadly I did not get a good shot of Julia's parents facing the camera, but I hope to get a copy of one their other daughter took of Brendan, Julia, her parents, and Linda and I all together.

The next pic is Brendan, Julia and Angelo (Julia's dad) trying to figure out on which side should Brendan wear his flower. I was no help there, heck you can always take me out, but you cannot dress me up. They wound up placing it on the left lapel, and we figured if it was wrong, Brendan could move it later.

If you look closely you can see a Yellow Rose wristlet in the box in Brendan's hand. No he was not going to wear that too, that one was for his sweetheart Julia.

I think she looks pretty in her pretty gown, prettier still with those roses in place, and most beautiful of all with Brendan by her side. So, of course, I saved the best pic from the bunch for last. I am betting they will have a great time on this prom weekend. Who knows, maybe they wills till be together next year, and then they can both attend Brendan's prom.
All the best,
Glenn B