Thursday, August 31, 2023

Time To Blow My Horn Or To Shoot My Glock

I attended the Glock Armorers' Course on Tuesday last. It was the fourth I have attended but only the third completed; the first one was in CT when I worked for the U.S. Customs Office of Investigations, and had duties as a range officer. That one was on 9/11. So, my cousin (also s range officer) and I cut it short and headed back to do what we could do on that terrible day.
The armorers' course I took today was different from the other two I had completed in that it primarily covered Glock GEN5 pistols. I had two Glock 19 GEN5 pistols but was not happy with them and sold them shortly after I had purchased them. I want one or more again as this class opened my eyes about them and made me realize my initial disappointment over an issue with the slide lock spring was about something of essentially little to no concern (the instructor recommended never removing it) and showed that there is a simple fix for it that works seemingly more often than not on how to get it assembled in its right place without it flying across the room or to the moon.
I passed the practical test - no problem took the pistol apart and put it back together again (unlike all the King's men & all the King's horses when it came to Humpty Dumpty) all within the allotted time frame. I also passed the written test scoring 100% correct. The written test was made up of 25 questions and you needed to score 80% or higher to pass. From some of the moans I heard, I am guessing some others, while passing, did not do as well. I admit, I had to just about guess on one question which asked which one of two firing pin assemblies was for the GEN5; the on screen test showed two images of Glock firing pins. I had on my glasses and even with them on I could barely see any difference; so, I more or less guessed based on the one tiny difference I saw. L,uckily I saw it well enough to get it right. Later, I realized I probably had on my readers and not my distance glasses as I had to keep changing back and forth to either clearly see the test on the screen or to clearly read my answer sheet. Regardless, I got it right. I also made the mistake of putting answers for two questions on one line and had to go back to correct that, quite embarrassing! The instructor was nice enough to back up the test video and I got them both on their respective proper lines. The eyes are not what they once had been and when the instructor lowered the lights so the test would show on the screen, it was difficult, to say the least, to read the test sheet - that with once again probably forgetting to switch glasses, this time from distance to readers. Sadly, bifocals just do not do it for me, at least not the last time I tried using them.
Regardless of switching glasses - or forgetting to do so - I will be certified as a Glock Armorer for the third time. Wish it could have been as an advanced armorer certification like the last time I took a Glock course i 2016 but evidently Glock has, at least temporarily, ceased that course and they supposedly did so during Covid like many others who made apparent knee jerk reactions back then. Anyhow, that is the way it is if I understood the instructor correctly. Thus, this time, as opposed to five years for the advanced armorer course, I only am certified for three years, or will be so, once Glock sends me the certification.
All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

AK-47 Mystery Magazine

 As I often do, and not too long ago, I purchased a couple of guns and a bunch of gun accessories & parts from a Hessney Auction Company auction. Among the items I most recently acquired from them were several AK-47 magazines. I buy em either to keep for my own AK-47s or to sell at gun shows. I do that not so much to make profit but mostly for my own amusement. I usually like having a table at any given show I attend to offload firearms related things which I no longer need or want. While it is nice to make a profit, I often sell items at cost or a bit below cost. Those that I sell at or below cost are often ones I have used but no longer have a use for or simply just did not like for whatever reason. Those that I sell for a profit are most often sold at a minimal gain and are assuredly lower priced than any sold by other dealers at the shows. Yep, you can still find good bargains at gun shows if you look, at least at my tables.
I digress, so let me get bag to the topic of this rant. 
One of the magazines I got from the last auction in which I bid was a rather odd AK-47 magazine, a mystery magazine if you will. At least it is unique in my experience and I have not been able to find an example of it online. I have made several online searches trying to find out where it was manufactured but have run into a brick wall so to speak. 
It is larger than a standard 30 round AK mag but not as large as 40 round AK mags that I own, it was offered in the auction as a 35 round AK mag; I have not yet tried to load it to capacity but that seems about right. It has a dull gray phosphate finish, there are no markings stamped into the metal, the welds look very different than any others I have ever seen on an AK mag - at least those on the spine along the back of the magazine. Other welds are virtually invisible, this is a well finished magazine. There are many welds on the spine, they are uniformly spaced and very small; there also are two, one near the top and the other near the bottom of the spine, that look more like tiny rivets or at least that are indented on one side and protrude on the other. The rear lug at the top of the mag also has very unique looking welds, they appear as three evenly spaced small holes on each side of the lug. There is a hole near the bottom of the mag body on the right side of the magazine back. The protrusion on the mag follower is rounded at the rear and somewhat pointed at the front end.
As I said, it is a mystery magazine to me. What I an hoping is that one of my more knowledgeable readers might know the origins of it.
So, if you are an AK magazine aficionado, take a look at the below photos and let me know what you think:

Those are the best pics I can offer right now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
All the best,
Glenn B

is President Biden...

 ...just a egotistical, self centered, clueless moron or is he an insulting nasty sack of shit manure or is he all of those. I opt for all of those. They need to put a extra large bit in his mouth and rein him in hard whenever he starts to compare anything to a completely incomparable event - that is real, exaggerated or totally made up fiction - that he claims was something he experienced within his lifetime. Why that should be done is to spare us from having to be inundated by his BS (Biden Shit).

He, I think, should be ashamed of himself for what he said while speaking in Hawaii about the devastating wildfires in there (read his outlandish comments at the source). Then again, likewise for hundreds if not thousands of bogus and nasty things he has said during his years in politics. Of course, he is incapable of shame or so it seems to me.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, August 20, 2023

When Will You (You Being Democrats) Get It?

When are democrats (aka: liberals, progressives or leftists) going to realize that the dystopian chaos currently in existence in places like Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; San Fransicko Francisco, CA, New York, NY have been created almost exclusively by the very same people and types of people they keep electing to political office in states wherein there is an overwhelming democrat majority of voters. In other words - it is your fault this is happening if you vote democrat. Those on the middle and on the right have been saying the same for years; yet, democrats have not and still do not heed those warnings! So you keep voting for the same type of virtual anarchy allowing criminals to run free and do as they please such as: rampant mobs running wild as they burglarize businesses and steal tens of or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise and do tens of thousands of dollars in physical damage to stores without consequence to them; businesses closing one after another; junkies shooting up anywhere they please and leaving contaminated needles behind that have been infected with HIV, hepatitis, sexual or other diseases; human wastes lining your sidewalks; filth & disease ridden tents cities to pop up almost anywhere; violent attacks by the homeless upon law abiding citizens;  mass emigration away from your states and on and on. Nationwide you also have unleashed a tsunami of potentially disease ridden illegal aliens, drug & other contraband smugglers, human traffickers & their victims, terrorists and their weapons across our borders who are going to be taxing our economy to the point of collapse, and some outright trying to destroys us almost without doubt, after millions entered our country illegally (at the same time preventing or delaying the legal immigration of millions). 
While millions entered through our four southern border states illegally, only thousands were sent by states like Texas to places like the self-proclaimed sanctuary city of New York. What happened there: The two faced hypocritical liberal political leaders there, such as the mayor of NYC, start whining about how terrible it is that those cities and states must pay for these dregs of society whose first act on U.S. soil was to commit a crime (yes illegal entry is still a crime). They think it unfair yet it is they, other democrats and even RINOs (they are effectively democrats) who created the problems, in fact welcomed the problems, in the first place probably without one iota of thought given to the outcome of their having done so. It is apparent, they never dreamed it would in any way, shape or form become their city's or state's problem. What idiots and fools are repeatedly elected by democrats is amazing; although, many republicans are much the same if at all any better.

If you - a democrat, liberal, progressive, leftist or whatever you identify as nowadays - have not yet awakened maybe you still have time to save yourselves and your states. I beg you though - don't just move away from the problem and abandon your home state only to bring your ridiculous and dangerous lunatic fringe ideals, the same ideals that created all of the above problems and many others, with you to other states. The people in those other states, in which you want to seek asylum, do not need you to spread the plagues you have unleashed in your home states to them or any other areas of our nation. The funny thing is though, when you - you meaning democrats, liberals, progressives, leftists and such - have had too much to stand of the destructive mayhem that you and only you yourselves have created - what do you do all too often but decide to move away from states you have ruined to states where there are no such problems or at least much less of them. The states to which you all too often decide to move are states that are at least moderately to strongly conservative, states like: Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Tennessee, Texas, and so forth. They truly don't need you garbage politics and the horrible results of liberalism that you spawn - really they do not. Just as you are sick of your abhorrent creations - so are they sick of the same.

Do you think by moving to these other much freer states from shitholes states like CA, MI, NY, OR or WA (among others) things will suddenly change for the better? Things are only going to change for the worse in any states to which you flee in masses so long as you keep voting for the leftists, liberals, progressives, communists, socialists, gender freaks and dimwits (among others) whom you keep voting into political office. If you want to move to another state where there are less problems, then change your attitudes, ideals & politics drastically first because if you do not you will only create those same problems to wherever you move. Those problems, created by you, have already destroyed several states, cities and communities and made our once great nation the cesspool of the world. 
So if you seriously are considering changing your state of residence to flee the carnage of liberalism - change your political spots first! You are not a leopard and thus can change your spots politics easily enough. Need some incentive: Just think of how you and your politics have ruined things already and about the reason(s) for you wanting to flee from one state to another in the first place.
All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Trump Travel Ban

If you have not realized that all of the indictments against President Trump have very conveniently (for the democtats) been brought in the early stages of the campaign for the 2024 elections - well, you may need to slap yourself awake and take notice. The timing is obviously an attempt at campaign and election interferense as I see it and I think is also a coordinated effort of backroom politics. The thing I wonder about now is which prosecutor will argue, and which judge will agree, to slam President Trump with travel restrictions that will mandate that he does not leave the jurisdiction in any one of the areas wherein he was charged with crimes.
 If that is done successfully, in just a single jurisdiction, he would be unable to travel to other areas to campaign. Ganted, all the court dates that will be set that require his appearance in the various courtrooms almost guarantee he will be unable to run a successful campaign but Trump is a shrewd planner who would likely figure a way around that. A travel ban however, except for travel to other jurisdictions for court appearances, would in essence immobilize him and his campaign. 
My bet is that such  is coming or at least attempts will be made by the demoncrats leftists to do so.
All the best,
Glenn B
America is dead.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

That Pellet Gun May Not Shoot Out An Eye But... may kill someone nontheless. A man in San Diego is alleged to have sent a group text message, saying: "I'm going hobo hunting with a pellet gun". A friend who reportedy was included among the recipiants allegedly joined him and drove him to an area frequented by homeless folks.
Sometime after that, San Diego police reportedly found a woman whom it turned out had been shot multiple times by a pellet gun. She was brought to a hospital and died therein three days later; one of the pellets reportedly had pierced her aorta.

The two young men, one reportedly 18 and the other 19, were arrested and charged in her death. More at the source.

Sometimes the warnings given to us by our moms are best taken as serious business full of wisdom and if  ot heeding that then it would be wise to heed morality and the law. Why anyone would do something as pathetic as hunting anyone at all, and if my guess is correct that they did it for fun, is beyond my comprehension except to imagine they are evil twisted despicable misfits who desrve the death penalty, or life in prison at the very least, if convicted as I see it. 
My other guess is that they will be crying crocodile tears in jail and claiming in court they didn't mean to hurt anyone; yet, hurt someone and do it fatally is allegdly exactly what was done by at least one of them with the other's assistance to some extent. 
Truly, our society has degraded to being the modern day Rome in as much as like the once mighty Roman Empire, it has fallen or is in the process of doing so. That is due, in great part, to political blunders of our so called leaders; to a lack of leaders and parents enforcing once accepted laws, rules and moral & social norms, to citizens who like spoiled brats must have everything their way no matter how twisted or perverse and to an invasion of aliens who have little to no interest in preserving what once made the United States of America a great and unified natiion.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Lest It Be Forgotten

Some things should never be forgotten. U.S. Independence Day, your mom's birthday, to lock your house's or car's doors, to take out the  dog, to feed the fish - but not too much, to tell your kids you love them and show it, to give your spouse true affection and so on. There are a couple of others we should never forget though they were terrible: the Holocaust is one although somehow we seem to forget all the others killed in the camps so remember them too, there were 12 to 13 million. (Over the years, from what I have seen, that number has decreased and I have heard or read that it is now supposedly as low as 11 million; although, the amount of Jewish folks killed has never decreased by much if anything, it is just the amount of non Jews somehow has fallen and that sounds like wokeness to me.)
Today is the anniversary of yet another truly horrible event, one that no one alive should be ignorant of and once made aware of it should definitely never forget. August 6 in 1945 - 78 years ago -  was truly the day that Oppenheimer became Death the Destroyer of worlds. On that day, the United States of America bombed Hiroshima, Japan and caused the deaths of about 130,000 people (some immediately, some over several months who died of their wounds and others who died years later due to cancer caused by radiation). Little Boy did its job but not quite awesomely nor fast enough. A few days later on August 9, 1945, the U.S. bombed Nagasaki, another major Japanese city, killing and maiming many more. Fat Man finally brought about the surrender of the once mighty Japan - well that with the entry of the USSR into the war on Japan and the invasion of Manchuria. 
Had we waited a few weeks longer, Japan would have likely as surrendered by then but other allied troops would have persihed. While many like to believe that Truman (as in the then the US President) gave the orders to drop the bombs to end the war and save allied lives; I have to wonder if at least the second bomb was more for effect, maybe even the first one too, of warning other nations we had it, we used it, we have more of them. Truman, he was a democrat and throughout my 6 decades plus of living, I have come to believe that democrats are usually the worst of the war mongers out of our political parties in the US and thus I wonder for his reasons for at least the second one. As for the dems, they also seem to be the worst at & of everything and mind you I am an independent unaffiliated with any political party. Years ago, maybe now more than a decade, I left party I was in out of disgust and that was not the Democrat party. They both suck so don't think I said that about the dems because I am of the other major party types. It is merely my opinion that they are the most terrible of the two major parties and that other one of the two is not far behind them. I digress so back to the bombings.
Little Boy and Fat Man were the only two atomic (nuclear) bombs ever used in warfare and ever used to purposefully kill  massive amounts of people. Setting off those two bombs led in great part to the defeat of Japan, which surrendered to the allies only days later on August 15. They also undoubtedly saved the lives of many allied troops; yet, as I said I wonder a lot about the need for the second one and sometimes I wonder if we really needed the first one. Whatever you or I make of them, those bombings were nonetheless two of the most horrific events, over the course of only two days, to have ever befallen mankind. More about this at the sources: 

My hope is no one ever forgets but the reality is that more and more nations have acquired the knowledge, technology and resources to manufacture modern nuclear weapons that are much more powerful and thus would be much more deadly should they ever be used. None of the nations that have them, including the United States seem to pay much attention to history nor do they seemingly have the foresight to realize what will happen if they unleash a nuclear war in which many nations have nukes. Obviously, Russia has a large arsenal of nuclear weapons and very recently has threatened to use them in the war in the Ukraine or to attack allies of the Ukraine if allied troops are sent there to support them. Yet, world leaders of nations that have nukes frequently talk about disarmament. Then when questioned as to why they have not disarmed their nukes they give the excuse for keeping nukes as being a deterrent against nations who are still armed with them. What a screwy fruit loopy loop of illogical balderdash is that because no one will ever take the first step at nuclear weapons disarmament thinking like that! 
I remember something screwy from my history lessons (when real world history was taught and not the woke variety). In those lessons I learned a bit about World War I. The thing about World War I is that it had a couple of names other than WW I; one of which was "The Great War". Then there was the other name for it; that one as imbecilic as the deterrent excuse world leaders of today use to downplay why we have not yet totally disarmed all nuclear weapons.  Yep one of the names for WW I was as lame as the deterrent excuse and it was: "The War To End All Wars". It did not live up to that name.
So yeah, I expect sooner or later that a country like Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan or Iran will launch nukes as a first strike against the US. Then again, who knows, we have a president right now who seems to think he is this guy:

Then again he appears to me to be much more like this one:

So maybe the US will be the one to launch the first strike.
Thinking along those lines, some folks think that sooner or later, because of power hungry & demented leaders, Einstein's prediction about the aftermath of WW III will come to pass - that is unless the war mongering attitudes of so called world leaders is changed drastically and their attitudes do not seem to be going in a direction to avoid another WW.  So what was Einstein's prediction:  
"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." 
Einstein was a genius but I am doubtful he got that one quite right. I tend to think that if there ever is a WW III, one in which nukes are used, there will never be a WW IV. That's because there won't be anyone left to fight WW IV except maybe the roaches and rats and even if humans survive, all the sticks will have been burned to ash and the stones melted to slag or vitrified.

If you do not think that the destruction caused by a future nuclear was could be as bad as I think, then go to this article and read it all. It is mind boggling to think that Russia has a bomb, reportedly the strongest one ever, supposedly 2,500 times stronger than the one dropped on Hiroshima. More at (you may need to cut & paste this one into your browser).

All the best,
Glenn B

Even A Pimple On The Backside Of Progress Is Not Immune...

 ...from the perversions of alleged child molesters or at least from the alleged perversions of them or so it seems to me. Three folks were arrested recently, in Texarkana, TX by Texarkana, TX Police Department officers after they reportedly contacted a female on what my source said was a prostitution site. The girl supposedly explained to each of the three men that she was underage. Each of them agreed to meet her for sex in exchange for money, as I understand. Surprised they must have been when the door was answered by the police - each was arrested when each got to the girl's place. I wonder if the police officers working that sting operation were even more surprised to find out that one of the arrested men was, according to the report, a Texarkana, AR police officer! More at the source.
All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, August 2, 2023


 I wonder if his mother and father ever dreamed of how appropriate a name they were giving their son. He was one of four men who climbed aboard the rudder of a merchant ship while it was in harbor at Lagos, Nigeria in western Africa. He was desperate, all of them were, to get to a better place, a better life. He and the others believed the ship was headed to Europe, they had food and water that lasted 10 days. Their journey took 14 days and after running out of supplies they drank seawater to survive. 
The ship never arrived in Europe, that because it was headed in a totally different direction. It made port but not at alll where they had expected;  they wound up on another continent altogether.

Imagine their ordeal, 14 days at sea on a rudder. Thry must have been truly terrified, it was no joy ride, of that I am sure. Then imagine their great relief to have arrived anywhere at all and their grest surprise to learn they were in Brazil. Brazilian Federal Police evidently got them off of the ship but only after giving them what they needed most after four days without it - fresh water. Once there, two of the men decided to go back to Nigeria but two opted to apply for asylum in Brazil. More at the source.

I am no fan of illegal aliens entering any country but their plight gives one pause for thought. Thought not so much about illegal entries and such, their desperation does not change my mind that borders need be respected and Immigration laws strictly enforced with emphasis placed on legal Immigration with favoratism given to they who apply legally and are found acceptable under the law. My thoughts are more about how good we have it in the United States that virtually not one of our most downtrodden tries to head to a better country (is there even one that is better) and about how bad it is for others in many other countries of the world. Bad enough it seems, for even the most idiotic and dangerous of plans to seem like a good one, or maybe the only one, to get oneself to a better life. 

Maybe his parents should have named him Foolishboy, Dumbass, Idiot or Badrisktaker but instead they gave him a name that also makes me wonder if he is living up to it and one that I am pretty certain is appropriate. I am guessing that maybe it could not have been mere luck that got all four of them across the unforgiving seas - could it! There must have been a higher power than chance  maybe a divine providence protecting them, don't you think? I bet he and the others think so and I bet they are all doing what his name says to do being they all did not perish at sea. 
If you have not figured it out yet, one of the men was was given the same name
as the title of this blogpost - Thankgod! My guess is that is what he and the others have been doing a lot of lately. I am also guessing, that if still alive, his patents are doing much of the same and are very happy they gave him that very suitable moniker.

All the best,
Glenn B

Cat Stevens...

 ...I would not pee on him if afire today BUT I love to listen to his old songs from back in the 70s. This man had, maybe still has, one of the greatest voices I have ever heard. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I like this song of his very much: How Can I Tell You. It should be the theme song of hopeless romantics worldwide!
All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

I Keep Up The Hope That It Would Start Already

 The it to which I refer is the damned Zombie Apocalypse. It's going to start sooner or later; so, it may as well begin when there actually is a zombie in charge (well in as much charge as is allowed to a puppet anyway) with thousands of his minion around him and tens of millions more of them spread out across the country.

Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know, I've posted that video before or a copy almost exactly like it (the other one was just a bit longer on each end). The thing about posting it again and again and yet again is that Hope springs eternal! Thus, one can hope that those of us who are not democrats zombies, just like the surviving humans in the zombie movies and shows, will have plenty of food & water stocked up with some decent amount of medical supplies as well. Of course, one can only hope that we also would have lots of firepower once it commences!

All the best,
Glenn B