Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The New Rifle Blues

The new rifle I ordered from arrived at my FFL dealer today right on time. I knew that not because my dealer called or emailed me as they were supposed to have done but because FedEx sent me a tracking notification. The reason the dealer did not call me was because Sportsmansguide (and the dealer who sent it to my dealer for Sportsmansguide) must have thought it unnecessary to include my name on the shipping label. Anyway, I knew it was there and gave Volko Supply a call to see if I could stop by to pick it up and they said sure thing.

When I got there, I explained which rifle it was and Ron (who, I think, is the owner) got it for me. As I saw him walking to the counter with it I thought to myself "OH SHIT". I asked if they received it like it looked, which was smashed in and sort of peeled open like a sardine can lid at one end and he said "obviously". I hoped, just for a wee moment there, that they had opened the box like that for some reason, maybe to make sure of what was inside. No such luck! I said I did not want to accept it and Ron said okay but then I thought why not at least take a look inside. So, Ron opened the outer box and it was immediately evident that the inner box was also damaged.

Too bad I did not think to take a photo of the outer box, it was much worse.
 This box mattered more because if it was damaged there was a good chance
so to the rifle. As will be seen, that presumption was correct.
Upon further inspection it became woefully evident that the barrel had also sustained damage at the muzzle end. There was no way I would accept that and Ron was very understanding.

I might do that myself while hunting or otherwise afield but I'll be damned
if I pay almost $500 for a brand new rifle (and box) damaged like that!
Ron called the FFL holder who had sent it out for Sportsmansguide but that guy wanted nothing to do with it. I called Sportsmansguide (SG) and spoke to Shelley in customer service. She told me that SG would contact their FFL and arrange for him to contact Volko to arrange for the return. She also told me that once that was accomplished, SG would refund my credit card and I could order another one; they would not handle it as an exchange. She did not tell me to contact FedEx, so I am assuming (I know - that's dangerous) that SG will contact them about the damage. ( I later found out I need do nothing more.) How I wish they would have used UPS, I have had better results with them overall.
What utter disappointment. I really had hoped to surprise my son with this rifle up at the 8th Annual Northeast Bloggershoot this weekend. I knew he would love it and have a lot of fun with it, then again, so would I. This sucks.

All the best,
Glenn B