Wednesday, September 20, 2023

My Guns & Ammo Monkey Is A Strong Beast

I ordered the below listed ammo yesterday from the Target Sports USA Ammo Day sale which supposedly was a one day sale but continued today until 12 noon EST today. I would have sworn we were in daylight savings time right now.
There was a lot of hoopla made by TSUSA in advertising emails prior to the sale. I have to say that I think what calibers they had in stock, and what of those were actually on sale, and how they did it by offering different sale ammo at three different sales time slots over the course of yesterday was ludicrous and a pain in the arse at best. 
Sure it was nice to get an extra 8% off over & above the usual Ammo+ Club savings but I think they really ran the sale poorly and in my estimation a lemonade stand run by a 6 year old would be run better. Let's face it, a kid would offer a lot of ice-cold lemonade in the summer season and if a little experienced from the year or two before might also expand to offer some other cold drinks like bottled water, iced tea and so on. So, you'd think, or at least I thought, that TSUSA being an experienced ammo retailer would have offered a lot of hunting ammo being hunting season is just about here. While there was some of it, I think there was not much choice, at least that I could find, that was included in said sale. Anyway, this is what I ordered:

A 200 round case of Federal Power-Shok 30-06 Springfield 180 Grain Soft Point Ammo. My son asked me to pick him up a couple boxes of 30-06 ammo; I will give him at least half the case - maybe all of it. I think he will be pleased but if he reads this I guess the surprise will be ruined.

Two 1,000 round cases of New Republic Training and Range 9mm Luger 115 Grain FMJ Ammo. One case is for me and one for my daughter who just passed her probation officer training and was issued a Glock 19; she wants to go to the range ASAP. This had a great price at $201.43; of course tax made it higher but such is life. Regardless of tax, I have not seen 9mm ammo that low in price for a long time. That's almost as low as the lowest prices right before Covid & Biden a few years back.

A case of 1,000 rounds (in two 500 rd boxes) of Winchester USA 5.56x45mm NATO M193 55 Grain FMJ Ammo; 500 Rounds Value Pack

A spam can of Barnaul 7.62x39mm 123 Grain FMJ Lacquer Coated Steel Case Ammo, 700 Rounds (anyone know how this compares to Wolf ammo, quality-wise)

Five boxes, 100 rounds total, of Federal Power-Shok 308 Winchester 150 Grain Soft Point Ammo.

I cannot recall the last time I purchased 4K rounds in one day when none of it was 22 LR. After buying three guns and a lot of other stuff at an auction this past weekend and now this, I doubt I'll be buying any guns or ammo for a while; yet, I will admit that the the guns & ammo monkey on my back is a strong beast indeed
and it has no regard for my finances; so, who can tell when it next will steer me to buy, buy, buy again!!! It's so strong maybe I should call it GAMzilla.
All the best,
Glenn B