Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The Bean Bag Chair...

...was something I bought last week in anticipation of my son visiting for Thanksgiving weekend. I wanted him to have something more comfortable to sit in than the two sports folding chairs I have for living room furniture. (What can I say except that I plan to buy a house within the year and will buy some nice real furniture then - for now my place is the poor man's bachelor pad central.) Anyway, as I said I bought it last week. brendan used it while he was here. I think I've sat in it twice, once when I first got it to try it on for size so to speak and then a day or two ago while watching TV. I suppose I am a creature of habit because I've found myself sitting in the fold out sports chair all the rest of the time that I have watched TV. 

My mongrel - Skye - has ignored the chair completely. I think she knows her place and figured sitting in it was not that place. Well, that was until today. She was sitting on my lap a little while ago this morning; that was none to comfortable while in that sports chair and none that safe because her 42 pounds or so and my 229, put that chair to within 25-50 pounds of its weight limit (as I recall either 300 or 325 pounds) and that could be catastrophic especially considering it has not worn too well since I got it a couple of months ago. Yes, it was cheaply made in another country and is pretty crappy but it does for now until it falls apart. Moving on, let me just say, I told her to her to get off of my lap and then for some reason patted the bean bag chair that was within my left arm's reach. She climbed up in it and immediately looked pretty frigging comfortable - don't ya think!

Oh well, I guess I won't be using that chair much now even if the folding sports chair falls apart. In that event, I'll have to get another bean bag chair for myself since the one we have now seems to have been claimed. 

All the best,
Glenn B