Friday, October 4, 2013

Intellectuals - Is It Stupidity or Arrogance....

...or maybe both that makes them say things like a Canadian Paleontologist recently said about the discovery of a fossil. A construction worker, working on an oil field in Canada discovered the mostly intact fossilized tail of a dinosaur. Well, along comes Paleontologist Matthew Vavrek who was called in to check out the find.

What does he say about it:  "The last time I've seen something like that was in a museum," which is al well and good but read on because he also said: "I've never found something like this before." (source)

Saying you have "I've never found something like this before" is quite different from saying "I never found something like this". Saying you have never found something before implies that you have found it at last and are claiming credit for the find. Do these high browed intellects do this out of arrogance or is it just out of stupidity or a combination of both?

All the best,
Glenn  B