Friday, November 5, 2021

How Do I Get A Job With Project Veritas (Serious Inquiry)

The FBI, under the Brandon Biden Administration, has allegedly raided the homes Project Veritas journalists under the authority of (a) Grand Jury Subpoena(s) and (a) search warrant(s). This apparently all over a diary that belonged to Slow Joe's daughter and was alleged to have been stolen and then came into the possession of Project Veritas. 
Think of that - the FBI is evidently/reportedly investigating project Veritas over a stolen personal diary! Have you ever heard of them investigating such a crime before - the alleged theft of a diary!!! Now imagine, the scumbags agents and or assistant U.S. Attorney(s) who wrote up the Grand Jury subpoena(s) had the unmitigated gall to "request" that Project Veritas journalists keep the Grand Jury investigation secret even though they seemingly were the target of it! From whom did the FBI want the Project Veritas journalists to keep the GJ subpoena(s) secret - from the journalist's attorneys maybe!   
Yet somehow, the NY Slimes Times (what I used to think was once an excellent newspaper but that I think has turned into maybe even less than a leftist promoting propaganda yellow journalism type rag) contacted Project Veritas officials asking for comment on the so called secret Grand Jury investigation! 
I sure would like to hear all the information from both sides on this one but somehow I seem somewhat predisposed to already believe the Project Veritas side of it. Let's face it, each time I have seen one of their exposes it has been just that - an expose of the untruths told by leftists. Never once have I seen a Project Veritas report debunked but I have seen many of their reports in which they squarely outed a lot of lying scum on the left. In addition, with my past familiarity with and working knowledge of the SDNY and of having worked on several collateral investigations with the FBI, my money is on this being solely politically motivated and possibly illegal investigation. More here:
I have to say, I'd love to be able to work with the folks at Project Veritas. I spent 32 plus years in law enforcement with the federal government and did not engage in behavior that violated people's constitutional, natural or human rights. I was and remain proud of the work that I did and the way I did it with integrity. I hated the scum with whom I worked that did not have a similar ethic or regard for the Constitution and people's constitutional rights (although most I knew and worked with had integrity some few in my experience did not and they were reprehensible). 
I was and am proud to be a United States Citizen and a former but now retired federal agent & officer / civil servant. I firmly supported and still do support the Constitution and our rights & liberties that we citizens & legal resident aliens are afforded within our Constitutional Republic. I despise what our nation has and continues to become - one filled with leftist loons who advocate for anti-American goals, who hate our Constitution, who promote or even commit criminal activity, who wish to unleash anarchy by destroying law enforcement and criminal justice and who lie and cheat at every possible moment to further their cause of so called progressiveness. I detest those who make a mockery of our nation, our laws and our rights & liberties in order to advance leftism, anarchy, communism, socialism or fascism - those who would literally destroy the United States of America and kill off or enslave those who support this country and her Constitution. If I could expose them and bring the truth about them to light so as to debunk them and prevent them from destroying our great nation, the way these folks do so at Project Veritas, it would be an honor to do so and I would do so with unfailing love for the USA and with great eagerness and pride!
All the best,
Glenn B