Thursday, October 3, 2019

Facebook Fundraiser For The NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund

I started a Fundraiser on Facebook yesterday for the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund. You can see it at the following link and donate if you so choose: The goal is one million dollars and there is a long way to go. While the goal is exceptionally lofty, if this gets passed around enough and each gun owner who sees it donates a buck or three, the goal may be surpassed. It's going to be open for donations through December 31, 2019. So, please feel pass along that link to other gun owners you know. 

As for those of you who are thinking that Facebook will take that down in a heartbeat, think again. Facebook notified me about the possibility of doing a fundraiser because my birthday is right around now. As a goof, I decided to check it out. It let me type in my own choice of a charity and I input just three letters - NRA. Surprisingly, a list of NRA charities showed up and the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund was one of them. I used to donate, through the Combined Federal Campaign, to a group called The Civil Rights Defense Fund (and I confirmed back then they were part of the NRA). I figured why not set up a fundraiser for them and there it is all thanks to Facebook.

I should add, I have no clue if they pass along 100% of the funds raised or if they keep a portion to run the thing. Shame on me for not checking. 

Edited To Add: 

Okay - someone on a gun forum where I started a thread about this wanted to know what was my compensation for this. As far as I knew it would be zero and I have since confirmed that I am not getting a penny, not even as much as diddly squat for starting this fundraiser. Here is the info I found out and how I posted in on that forum:

This is a link that was on the post about my fundraiser, it tells how the payments are made to the charity although I did not see any breakdown as to whether or not funds are given 100% or some are retained. I did see one thing that said Facebook pays the processing fees but don't know if that is for every fundraiser:

Here is a link from that same page to more info about the charity:


Here is a link to the charity's site:


I looked some more and found this which shows my belief was correct - I ain't getting diddly squat:

"Facebook covers payment processing fees so that 100% of donations made on Facebook are distributed to the organization."

The source for that can be found at this link:


So, if you were wondering if I get compensated - I do not. If you were wondering is this some sort of a scam, it does not appear to be one to me. Had it even hinted of such, I would never have posted about it here. Is it some kind of a miracle that Facebook would allow for donations to any organization having anything to do with the NRA and standing up for gun rights - maybe but if is a miracle then thank the heavens.

All the best,
Glenn B