Sunday, December 22, 2019

Gun Shows Just Suck, Suck, Suck... prices go up, up, up!

Last gun show I went to was in Benton, AR a couple of weeks ago. They had lots of older guns but the prices were out of this world. 

Look at the tag on this nice but nothing special (as far as I could tell) Russian SKS; yet, they were asking $900.00!!! That is crazy and anyone paying that much would have to be insane IMO.

Then look at that Mosin Nagant 91/30 for which you can see only the first number of the price. Four hundtrd anything is way too much for one of them.

While they probably will not get those amounts, that they are asking that much is likely a sure sign someone will pay too much. 

All the best,
Glenn B

One Ruger Down - Merry Christmas

As I had planned, I gave my son my latest acquisition - a Ruger new Model Single Six Convertible (22LR & 22 MAG) yesterday as a Christmas gift. He had wanted to exchange gifts on Friday night after he got back to his apartment (where I was waiting for him after my dog locked me out then somehow also unlocked the door to let me back in). You can imagine though, he was a bit snockered after his work Christmas party so I figured it best to wait until Saturday after sleeping it off. On Saturday, late in the morning (or was it early afternoon) we were finally both up and about and we exchanged gifts.I got a t-shirt and am more than happy with it because it pictures the Shitmobile (Ricky's car from Trailer Park Boys) on the front. Brendan got a brick of 22LR, a box of 22 WMR and the Ruger. 

After exchanging gifts, we went out for a very late breakfast to Cinco de Mayo restaurant in Benton; then we headed to First Shot LLC in Bauxite, AR to do the transfer. The place was packed for a small little store.Nice to see Hamid (the owner) doing great Christmas business. Overheard while there was someone who was referred there by a friend of his who works in a certain sporting good store known for usually excellent prices. He said his buddy told him that First Shot LLC prices were lower than those where he worked! Great recommendation and I can vouch that you get excellent service at First Shot LLC. 

Once that was done we headed back to Brendan's apartment where I dropped him off so he could get ready for his trip to NY (he left today, I drove him to the airport) without me getting in the way. I went to bass Pro Shops in Little Rock to get somethings for my mongrel - Skye. She's been a good girl and deserves a couple of Christmas presents.

Merry Christmas 2019
Since I don't have a Christmas tree, first year I can think of not having one since maybe my Border Patrol days (not sure but I may not have had one for one or two years while in the BP but probably had at least a small one) I took a pic of myself while at Bass Pro Shops with theirs. I don't think they will mind.

All the best,
Glenn B