Saturday, July 4, 2015

It's Independence Day...

...and while I wish you a happy one, I wish you would think about what is the meaning of Independence Day. It is the day we declared, as a new nation, that we were throwing off the yoke of tyranny, that we would stand united in the face of whatever was to come and that we pledged our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to stand by one another to do so.

Heaven help us, what have we become! We need to again face tyranny or perish as a free nation. Our elected leaders are as tyrannical and rights usurping as any King of England had ever been but just in a manner more easily tolerated by the People. It has come to the point though, that should we continue, in just a short time we will no longer be the country we fashioned ourselves to be. We will no longer remain a constitutional republic, we have truly fallen into an abyss of rights and liberties violations, of corrupted government control of, and interference in, the most private parts of our lives, even into the most mundane aspects of everyday living. Should we not reverse course soon, all is sure to be lost. I pray it not too late already. A turning point is near my friends, either one in which we turn to wholly embraces the darkness of oppression or one in which we decide to turn to face our oppressors, the tyrants who seek to completely strip us of every freedom, and stand our ground to bring about their defeat and a reinstatement of our rights and liberties and rule of constitutional law throughout the land.

All the best,
Glenn B