Sunday, July 17, 2016

One Of The Reasons Police Are Mistrusted... many Americans of all races, creeds, ethnicities and so on is because in their zeal to do their jobs safely, they sometimes overlook the law. Take for instance the head of the police union in Cleveland, OH who just requested that open carry laws be arbitrarily suspended by the governor. Governor Kasich's reply was that he could not do so because in essence it would be a violation of state and federal law (specifically to Ohio's open carry law and to the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution). So what was the reply of Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association? According to one report (source), it was this:

""I don't care what the legal precedent is, I feel strongly that leadership needs to stand up and defend these police officers..."

Get it, apparently Mr. Loomis is saying it is okay for there to be an open carry law in effect - that is unless police officers are at risk and then no matter what the law says the law should be  ignored to protect police officers. If that is not the stereotypical 'Us Against Them' syndrome showing itself in the light of day then nothing is it. It is sad that the president of a PBA would think that way regardless of the fact police officers are sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution and that they too are supposed to obey the law like everyone else. Yes, it is also a shame we are suffering a huge amount of anti-police sentiment among certain communities and that such has evidently led to at least eight recent shooting deaths of police officers but unduly taking away the rights of American citizens is exactly what will make the situation worse. If not at the Republican National Convention, then somewhere else.

I understand that law enforcement officers in this country are under an immense deal of stress right now due to the recent shooting of police officers. Still though, that is absolutely no reason to take the law into their own hands or demand that Ohio's governor do so. Anyway, so what if they did prevent open carry during the convention? If some people wanted to bring weapons to the vicinity of the convention and then use them illegally in an act or acts of violence, would an edict saying 'no open carry allowed' prevent them.

The PBA president might have been better off asking the governor to deploy, or at least have on high alert, the state's National Guard. Then again, maybe what should be done, if violence breaks out, is to allow the expected 20,000 Bikers For Trump, Black Panther members, Black Lives Matter members and white supremacists to shoot it out and then for the police to step in (just wondering not really thinking that is a good idea). Really though, the police should have the support of the governor, the mayor of Cleveland, the fire department with water canons at the ready, the National Guard with weapons at the ready, their own department with proper planning and weapons at the ready and their own states citizenry - instead of alienating the citizenry by trying to disarm them.

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Glenn B

Has A War Against The Police Begun...

...or maybe it is a race war? It certainly seems to be a fact that the group Black Lives Matter has gotten what many of it members have been calling for and that is the death of police officers. First five gunned down dead in Dallas and now at least two killed today and several others shot in Baton Rouge (source). The video is reportedly actual coverage of the shooting as it took place.

If it is another black shooter, following the apparent racist agenda of Black Lives Matter or in any way claiming to support them, then I must arrive at the conclusion that it is at the very least a war against police officers. If all of the shot officers were white and were targeted not only because they were police officers but because of their race, then I will have to think it is also a race war. If the latter, I think that civilians taking certain precautions may be in order and I do mean civilians of all races because none of the law abiding citizenry needs to get caught up in these racially driven anti-law enforcement hate crimes. Of course, as far as the police go, they need to take those precautions every day that they go to work, it is the nature of the job as always being potentially dangerous; although lately, it seems much more so.

Thoughts and prayers going out to the officers and their families.

Update 07/17/16 at 2:29PM: It is now being reported that three officers were killed and another three were injured (source). One suspect reported dead, and up to two others being sought (source).

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Glenn B