Sunday, November 24, 2013

Brr - What A Difference a Day Makes

No, I should say, what a difference a few hours make. Yesterday, it had to have been in the mid to high 50's where I live. Then late in the afternoon the temperature dropped and by about 7PM it was feeling really cold. The wind was blowing and that helped it to feel even colder. Then, I am guessing it was around 7 - 8 PM, the snow started to fall or should I say started to blow, it was really windy. Just got a bit though.

Today, it is as cold as a witch's breasticle! I just checked three different online weather services - one said it is currently 30 degrees here, the second said 30 degrees and the third said 29.2. What a drop over the course of a day and I am pretty certain it was colder last night (or in the dark and wee hours of the morning today). According to a check I just did for "yesterday's weather", the high here was 54 degrees and the low was 30. I know, realative to other places, even place to which I have traveled in winter, 29 degrees is not all that cold but it is still cold for this area in November. I think the coldest place I have ever visited was Pokeafellow Pocatello, Idaho. As I remember, it got down into the minus twenties when I was there for a FAM detail covering the Winter Olympics in 2002. 

I was just out trying to rake up and bag about a ton or two of leaves (aggrandized by my imagination to be sure) in my tiny backyard and along the side of my house. I got only 4 small bags filled (30 gallon sized, I think) and had to take a break because my finger tips felt like they were about to frost over (no exaggeration). The leaves are dry and the wind kept gusting, so it is not the best day to do yard cleanup but - she who must be obeyed (at least now and again) had given me my work orders. Luckily for me, my son did around the front of the house. Guess I owe him a beer for that or some ammo or both.

Perhaps, I should get back to work before she who must be obeyed gets upset. I am hoping that the 4 piles of leaves, I had ready to bag up, have not blown all over the place. It seemed the gusts were much less strong out back of the house than along side it where it was like being in a wind tunnel between my neighbor's garage and our house, so Left those out back. I guess I'll know in a moment or two.

Later 4 U,