Thursday, September 6, 2012

Working For Columbia Asset Management Doesn't Mean You Can Moon Your Boss

It seems that a high ranking employee of Columbia Asset (my boldface and italics) Management, a subsidiary of Bank of America, reportedly was dissatisfied with the way the company fired another employee. In order to show his dissatisfaction, he reportedly barged into a high level meeting, dropped his draws, and mooned his boss, along with saying some seemingly inappropriate thing(s) to at least some of those in the meeting. Surprisingly enough, he was reportedly considered so precious to the company, in a special 1% of employees, that at first he was only given a warning. Reportedly, his boss said, he could be granted 'a one-free-mooning reprieve'. However, when the CEO heard of the employee's pant dropping escapade, the employee was fired.

What to do? What else but sue for his job and pay and benefits package back. He lost. He also has lost an appeal of that first ruling. He seems to be out of a job and back pay and benefis as it now stands. Maybe there is still hope for America after all, especially since the company involved was a subsidiary of Bank of America.


All I can say about it, other than the above, is that this guy seemingly had one heck of a lot of cheekiness about himself!

All the best,
Glenn B