Friday, July 27, 2012

NE Bloggershoot Ammo Order Has Been Shipped

Here I am am, using my son's computer because I do not have enough money to buy myself a replacement for my laptop that went belly up a couple of weeks ago. I have been saving for a new one. Well, I have been trying to save anyhow. It has not been easy since my pension was still not finalized and only coming in as partial payments. It will be easier to get some money saved up soon though because  the federal Office of Personnel Management has finally gotten it figured out or so they told me. I should get my first full payment on August1st.

Once I got that news, I was so ecstatic that I did something a bit impulsive, I ordered a can of 640 rounds of Tulammo brand 7.62x39 122grain HP ammo. I also ordered 500 rounds of  PMC X-TAC 5.56x45 mm, 62 - gr. FMJ M855 Ammo. With the 2012 NE Bloggershoot coming up in early August, I figured I could use some ammo for my AK and then figured that if Brendan comes along, we could use some ammo for his ARs too.

Had I not been informed that my pension had be straightened out, and had OPM not already deposited a lump sum to my bank account, to make up for what they shorted me for the past 8 months, and had I not been working at my part time job getting a little extra (well it will now be extra since my pension is at its full amount), I would not have bought this ammo.I sort of I figured, what the heck, the computer can wait another week or two, and I can really use the ammo in the near future. Then again, now that  I think of it,  I could have been using a new computer right now. Oh well, I will just have to wait a bit more for a new laptop. It will not be all that long, I think, since the monthly pension increase is just under a grand net. That should make getting by and buying a new laptop a whole lot easier.

When I think of it though, I guess my order of preference for the items I needed/wanted comes as no surprise, at least not to me. Even though I sorely miss having a laptop for daily use, I just figured the ammo was the more pressing and practical buy at the moment. I felt that way even though I have a fair amount of both of those calibers in my ammo locker. I guess it is just that buying ammo before buying the computer shows some of my old fashioned priorities winning out over newfangled ones. After all, I have been shooting since I was about 8 and only computing on work computers since I was about 24 and on personally owned computers since about 12 or so years ago. Besides that, I think if an ammo shortage pops up again, or if prices increase,  because of anti-gun sentiment and bad politics, international treaties, another wear causing another shortage again, I will be happy to have some stockpiled. Yep, the computer can wait and I can use my son's a couple times a week while I wait; in return he can shoot up the ammo I bought for his ARs.

All the best,
Glenn B