Friday, July 31, 2009

Ammo Price Alert

I'll probably hate myself for telling others about this, if only because it will sell out quicker and I don't have any cash for any now, but it seems that at least one major retailer of 7.62x39 ammunition has initiated a price drop. is offering Wolf 122 grain JHP (black box) in that caliber for $279 shipped. A comparison shows that lists it currently (as I write) advertised for $314.97 plus $19.49 for shipping for a total of $334. Going with AmmoMan in this instance would save you $55.46 - a nice chunk of change. There are similar savings on other types of Wolf 7.62x39 ammo at AmmoMan. For example they want $259 for a case of 124 grain FMJ Military Classic shipped while the Sportsmansguide wants $271.97 plus 19.49 shipping for a total of $291.46. AmmoMan would save you $32.46 on the Military Classic. Now, you can get it less expensively at the Sportsmansguide if you are a club member but that cost about $25 to join. It gives you a 10% discount on all orders but even then the price would not match that of AmmoMan right now. Sportsmansguide also offers coupons from time to time of up to $10 off on an order for that much money, but it still would not match Ammoman right now either. I usually buy from Sportsmansguide because they usually have the best prices in town, but not this time. If you were to join Sportsmansguide's club you could also get free shipping on your first order, but you get the picture - AmmoMan is offering those prices to everyone - no club membership required - and shipping is included regardless. Besides all that, Sportsmansguide seems to be back-ordered on most of the Wolf 7.62x39 that they advertise. I guess that makes it a no brainer if you need some of this ammo right now.

Now I don't know if I should scrape up the cash for a thousand rounds from AmmoMan or wait a week or two to see if ammo prices are falling and will soon be even lower. If I wait I could lose out if it is only a fluke. Maybe I'll wait a day. If they still have it on Saturday, and other places prices have not fallen, then maybe I'll order a case from Ammoman. Hopefully they will still have some left.

Wait a minute, did I just say it was a "no brainer". There I was about to go ordering more ammo. Then suddenly I heard a voice say: "Hang on there Glenn
- wait one cotton pickun minute - maybe this requires a brain after all". It was my voice, and thankfully it was only in my head as I had said it to myself; then I went thinking again and burned up more of my little gray cells. The thinking got me to checking.

So, I just checked the price of the Wolf 7.62x39 122 grain JHP (black box) at some other online vendors. does not even offer it (as I write they only show soft point available from Wolf), shows 124 grain (that should be the Military Classic as far as I know) listed for $289 (probably plus shipping) with this Wednesday's date on the web page, and has it at a lower price than all of them yet - including much lower than Ammoman. Now while AmmonMan advertises it with a Polymer coating, CenterfireSystems does not mention if it is the old lacquer coated ammo or the polymer coated stuff - while that may matter to you, at the offered price it does not matter to me one way or the other.

As for the price at CenterfireSystems: No - I am not telling you the price. What I will tell you is that since I have never ordered ammunition from them before as far as I can remember (that is none too far nowadays) I will call them tomorrow to make sure this ammo is in stock and then order over the telephone. It beats all the others hands down folks is all I will say. Wow what a deal compared to other current prices that I could find!

All the best,
Glenn B