Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Guns For The Sixth Annual NE Bloggershoot

It took me a couple of weeks but I finally figured out, tonight, what guns I will be lugging along to this Saturday's Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot. I am heading out late tomorrow morning, right after I get the car's oil changed and the trunk loaded. If I have room for all of them, this is what I am bringing along:


Armscor 14Y (bolt action, box mag fed, .22LR)

Remington Model 241 Speedmaster (semi-auto, tube fed, .22LR)

Stevens Model 66-B (bolt action, tube fed, .22LR)

Yugoslavian 24/47 8mm Mauser (bolt action, internal mag)

Yugoslavian Mosin Nagant M44 (bolt action, internal mag)


Remington 870


Glock 26 (semi-auto, 9mm)

High Standard Duramatic (semi-auto, .22LR)

Ortgies Pocket Pistol (semi-auto, .32 Auto)

Remington R1 1911 ( semi-auto, .45 Auto)

Ruger MKII (semi-auto, .22LR)


S&W Model 17 (.22LR)

Again, I am only bringing all of them if I can fit all of the gun cases into my trunk with all the ammo and other gun gear. Crap, that's going to mean I'll have to do a trunk clean-out tomorrow before I leave; it's something I just remembered that I forgot to do today. As for my other stuff, like a bag of clothes and a cooler, they can go on the back seat.

Now, before I forget something else, I had best print up the directions from MapQuest.

All the best,
Glenn B