Thursday, January 26, 2023

My Daughter Got A New Job

 She was working in Child Protective Service in the county in which she lives. Some time ago she put inn for a probation officer position. She got that today. The thing that I think was most worrying to her about the application process was that she would be required to fully load a 15 round magazine. I I recall correctly, she told me a lot of candidates supposedly would fail that portion of the testing. She aced it today and I'd like to think me sending her a brand new Glock 19 ten round mag (could not send her a 15 round mag because she is in NewYorkistan but yet they expect you to be able to load one when you cannot legally buy one to practice with). Took her awhile to be able to get the tenth round in that one but she persisted in practicing with it and after a bit she got it fully loaded. She said that loading a 15 round mag today, for the test, was easy peasy! Now she needs to learn how to shoot a pistol and whatever long guns they maybe use. I taught he to shoot rifles many years ago so she will have that advantage. My son is a regular gun nut - he certainly did not fall far from the tree on that point!
Proud papa am I. My two youngsters (both middle aged now) both have good jobs, both are hard working, each of them owns a house  and both are well mannered citizen types of the right political ilk. Of course she is also the mama of my grandson to date. Things do not get much better for a parent - those things being seeing your all of your children grow up to become responsible adults.

All the best,
Glenn B