Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Very Best Things About Fathers' Day

The very best things about Fathers' Day are my children and grandson and of course my wife and the rest of the family. 
Getting to see my daughter Celina and son-in-law Phil getting married a for second time, this time in church last weekend, was excellent. They decided to have a church wedding before having Ryan John Christened (he will be baptized next week). It was truly an amazing and happy experience.

The second time around was as good or
better than the first wedding.

No less amazing is the fact that my son Brendan still tolerates me enough to go canoeing and fishing together as we did last month on the Caddo River in AR (heck he let me stay at his place for 10 days or so). Best buds for sure! I miss him since he moved to AR but hope to see him again soon.
I thought rowing was getting a little tougher, someone was taking a beer break.

I out fished him on this trip but I think he planned it that way.
Then there is also Linda, the woman I married and who married me, who still has not killed me in my sleep (go figure). I owe both of my wondeful children to her because heaven knows they did not become amazingly wonderful young adults because of me.

My beautiful daughter and lovely wife. My wife has the figure of a 24 year
old unlike me with the figure of a 24 ton blimp. Oh well, she's a good cook.

There also is my mother-in-law Luise (Oma) who lives with us. What can I say about Oma and how she shares her warmth and love with us but take a look for yourself:

 Lest I forget Uncle Ken, let me just say he was more of a father to me when I was growing up that was my real old man.

I have been truly blessed by having them in my life. I doubt it could get any better than this. I love them all very dearly.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Could Blast Off Some Ammo On This

I don't know if I would hit anything but it sure looks like it would be fun trying.

All the best,
Glenn B

Today I Smashed My Fathers' Day Gift From My Son

My son had some nerve sending me the Fathers' Day gift he sent to me! So much so, I did something today that I did not expect I would be doing - I smashed it to smithereens. I mean that literally, I took a ballpeen hammer and smashed it to bits (well the hammer was part of the gift, I only smashed what I was supposed to smash).

The gift my son sent me was from
Man Crates. Here is what it looked like before I smashed it (a stock image from the website):

Here is what it looked like after I got my jollies smashing it (my actual gift with gift note from my son):

The red gift card was inside the cement block. Took a few decent whacks to get it out and that stuff flew everywhere so it was good they included some cheap safety glasses. My wife probably thought I was going berserk over something down in the basement while hammering away with glee. She was, I think, a little cold toward me this morning but warmed up after I showed her the gift and explained what I had to do to it.

After smashing it open, I had to input the number from the back of the red card and then was given a choice of 13 retailers from one of which I could select a gift card. (It was supposed to be 14 but 13 is what showed up a few minutes ago - better than at just after midnight when it only offered 6 options.) My choice was easy, I took the gift card from Bass Pro Shops.

I also got a couple of nice polo shirts from my daughter and son-in-law. No smashing them though but I imagine I will get a lot of wear out of them over the next couple of year. Good high quality shirts too, probably too nice for me.

Hope all you ornery all bastards like me dads have a nice Fathers' Day.

You know, that has got to be one of the coolest gifts I have ever received. I just had a thought: I may have to have that hammer put into a shadow box or at least just hang it on the wall somewhere.

All the best,
Glenn B

Happy Fathers' Day... all of the good dad's out there. I guess I should also say happy Fathers' Day to all the good single moms out there who play a double role as both mom and dad.

All the best,