Tuesday, June 11, 2013

NY SAFE Act Protest - Albany, NY

Got up at 0345 this morning and was out the door by 0430 to make it to the Long Island Firearms' bus, to Albany, on time. I beat the bus there., so much for being on time. I think we filled all but a couple of seats on the us. Brendan could not make it and I could not get anyone to take the seat for free. Whoever would have taken the ticket did not even have to sit with me and I also offered anyone who would take it a free lunch at Subway's. No bites.

We got there just around 0915 or so. The rally began between 1130 and noon. Sadly there were less people there than either of the two previous NY SAFE Act protest, one in January and one in February. In fact, it was a lot less but still probably at least a couple of thousand of us, maybe a few thousand, and we were loud. Hopefully our voices were heard and I am pretty sure they were because there were folks in the Capital Building windows watching us. God damned Cuomo did not even supply Porta-Potties for us but a pro-RKBA diner across the street from the plaza let people use the facilities. The NYS government estimated that 200 of us would show up - fuck them! 

Lots of great speakers, even a sheriff from AZ. (No not Sheriff Joe - too bad but the other guy was great, sorry I cannot recall his name.) We also had a great bus captain, LIF Member Roman. He put most of this together and did it well.

Hopefully our rally will make some difference, I would hate to have gone three times already and it wind up being all for naught; that goes especially with how I felt today. For me it was a barely passable day. I felt and still feel on the miserable side but figured it was important enough to attend anyway. I got bitten by a tick about a week and a half ago and if it keeps up I will see the doc sometime this week. Maybe it's from the tick, maybe a light case of the flu, maybe a cold or maybe just a 24 hour or so bug. I slept some on the way up and slept fitfully most of the way back - woke up every time the guy behind me yelled some unintelligible shit like he had Tourette Syndrome or pulled hard on my seat like an epileptic grabbing hold during a seizure (he did both several times). I wanted to smack him but otherwise he seemed okay so I just went back to sleep each time. Next time, I will be sure to sit behind him.

Pictures maybe tomorrow. I need to hit the hay for the night, it has been a long day.

All the best,
Glenn B