Sunday, September 2, 2018

Been A Gun Thing Kind Of A Day

Have not done all that much today except for taking it fairly easy for most of it. About the only thing I did that was even close to work but was more of a fun thing for me was to look for some of my son's books, that he left here when he moved out, and that he wants me to send to him in AR. I also cleaned some guns but I don't think I ca call that work.

I did not disassemble any of them all the way, just a field strip as that was enough to clean them from what I could tell. The first I got to was my Marlin 1895 GBL in 45-70 GOV'T. I used a shotgun patch holder and a 12 gauge shotgun bore brush to clean its bore. It was pretty clean but brought it to the range recently and had a potential buyer shoot a couple or few rounds through it. He liked it and said he'd take it but the preferred local dealer being closed this weekend did not help in that regard. Anyway, got that one cleaned up pretty quickly and am awaiting selling it.

After the 1895, I moved onto my Marlin 1936/36 in 30-30 WIN. It's been a safe queen so to speak. Shot it some when I got it but it's just been locked up since I cleaned it back then. Gave it a once over and it was almost clean as a whistle, then oiled it up some to prevent any rust. Nice gun and I'd like to keep it that way.  After that one was done, I moved on to my Marlin 336. in 35 REM. It was pretty clean too - cleaned it good and locked it away since last hunting season. While at the range when letting the possible buyer test fire my 1895, I was shooting the 336 to assure it was still zeroed and ready for the soon to be hunting seasons. It was hitting right where I was aiming and that is a good thing. Thus, it needed a cleaning since I did not do it last week.

Once those three Marlins were cleaned and lubed, I changed over to some photography and took about 15 or so photos of a New England Firearms Pardner SB1 12 gauge single shot shotgun I had been thinking of selling. Well, first I cleaned it too. Put an add up, after it was sparkling, on a local gun forum and got a bite already. That one probably will be gone next weekend if the dealer is open on Saturday.

Now, I did not get them all done at once. I did the first one, then hemmed and hawed and did a little of this or that and plenty of nothing except some stuff on the Internet and when I was bored again was when I started on the others. Those I kind of, sort of, almost got done one right after the other with only minor interruptions. Been  a nice weekend so far - gun cleaning agrees with me.

All the best,
Glenn B