Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gun Show Phoenix

There is a gun show scheduled to be held in Phoenix this coming weekend and I intend to be there on at least one of the days. It is scheduled January 23 (9AM-5PM) & 24 (9AM-4PM) and is to be held at the Arizona State Fairgrounds. If you see me there please make sure to say hi and maybe we can shoot the sh... Don't be fooled, I am no longer the handsome young devil in the pic that is tagged to my blog. I now look scruffier, more wrinkled and fatter (although I am sticking to my diet), just look at the new pick to see what I mean.

I won't be able to buy any guns unless I arrange to have them shipped from an FFL here to an FFL back in NY. I think the added expense of that makes a firearms purchase close to impossible. I may pick up some accessories or whatever. Even if I do not buy, I will enjoy looking. Hope to see you there - I'll probably be there on Sunday since I an scheduled to work on Saturday.

All the best,
Glenn B