Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh My Achin Back... hurts so much, along with my neck and shoulders, not to mention most of my joints, that I have decided tonight will definitely be a good night for a good stiff drink - or two - or three. I went to see a rheumatologist tonight but only got to see the doc's PA. She had a number of x-rays taken and told me the great news. I have disc problems and arthritis in my neck that have worsened since last x-rayed (from an old injury most likely), I have arthritis in my spine that was not there about 2 years ago when last x-rayed, and I probably have bursitis in my right shoulder. I already know I have it in my left shoulder. In addition she is checking me for Lyme disease because the reason I had an appointment in the first place was pain in my joints. The neck, back and shoulder pain all flared up strong after I had already made my appointment for the joint pain in general. She also told me that last time I was there I was diagnosed with low iron levels. That was news to me tonight, but I am pretty sure that my iron levels are normal now because I recently had blood work done and was told all was normal.

She gave me a prescription for some sort of anti-inflammatory and for Nexium because anti-inflammatory meds screw over my stomach. She also gave me some samples to start me off. She also suggested a shot of cortisone which I hemmed and hawed about and she did not give me yet. She said if it gets worse she can still give it to me. I said not to worry because I was planning on having a shot tonight, a shot of another sort. She said not with that anti-inflammatory stuff I am not. I said okay. I meant it too. I will hold off on the medicine until tomorrow and try the booze first. It has worked like a charm in the past and after all the good news, I need a drink. Now to choose between potato vodka, or Irish whiskey with a couple of beers on the side. Then again just straight whiskey might do the trick. Decisions, decisions!

All the best,
Glenn B

Side note: I just realized that today is one week short of a year from when I was diagnossed with Lyme disease. That coincidence itself calls for a stiff drink. Hopefully I don't have it again.