Friday, April 5, 2019

Pork Roast For Dinner - Almost But Not Quite

Police in Humboldt County, CA came upon a missing pig as its owners searched in vain for it. They asked a neighbor of the owners to keep and eye on it. As it turned out, when they returned with the owners, the man watching it had already slaughtered it. As an officer put it:

"“We were totally shocked and surprised to learn that the pig had been slaughtered,” Arcata police Chief Brian Ahearn told Lost Coast Outpost, adding the officer had thought he’d reached a “reasonable agreement” with the man." (Source.)

Now the butcher is evidently facing some sort of criminal charges being filed against him. I have to wonder if the officer involved had indeed reached the agreement he thought he had reached with the man who slaughtered the pig. Maybe the guy thought someone had just dropped off the fixings for an excellent roast.

All the best,
Glenn B