Saturday, April 30, 2011

Real Man's Workstation...

...well, that is what my friend, who sent the pic to me in an email, called it (click it to big it). I don't care if it is a workstation, a Man Cave, a Woman's Lair, an Executive's office, a Geek Retreat, the Bat Cave or whatever you want to call it, it is plain out and out wrong! Why? Because it is not mine. I am jealous. I don't know where the pic came from, it was not credited, but if the guy or gal who owns it ever reads this post, please tell me all the names and models of the rifles, and explain the computer set-up too.
I am not poor by a long shot, but doubt I could afford a room like that with all the accessories let alone the AC costs just for keeping the one room cool enough. It must be nice to have lots of cash to spend, that is why I play the lottery! Nice set-up.

All the best,
Glenn B

Revisiting Knappogue Castle 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey and Wishing for the 1995 Labeled Batch

I am now on my 2nd bottle of Knappogue castle 12 Year Old irish Whiskey. I wrote a review of my first bottle not too long ago. As for this 2nd bottle, there I was sititng in the basement a week or two ago and was talking about it with my son. He either asked for a taste or I asked him if he wanted one. He took it, grimaced, said it tasted like burnt wood and recommended something else to me. I have to agree. I don't know why but this bottle of the same whiskey tastes awful. It tastes just like peated Scotch. That is a taste I can stand sometimes but when want it I buy an excellent Scotch. I buy Irish Whiskey, especially single malt Irish whiskey, triple distilled, when I am not in the mood for the peaty, over oaky, taste of Scotch. I am hopeful this bottle is a fluke because the first bottle was somewhat mellower and more like that labelled 1995. Then again, neither of these bottles of the 12 year old have been the same or as good as was Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey dated 1995.

That by far was my favorite of any whiskey I have ever enjoyed. It was crisp and as clean as a a young lad's whistle when he spies a pretty lass on a Spring morn. I miss it, I canot find it on the shelves at liquor stores, I am guessing it has run out of stock. I wish now I would have bought more of it than the one bottle I did buy and now have stashed away for whenever temptation wins out over patient anticipation. Then again it was the last bottle I ever saw for sale. If anyone knows where I might find myself a bottle or three of the Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey dated 1995, still for sale in a liquor store, in the greater NY metropolitan area, I would appreciate the tip.

Glenn B


My Personal Opinion On The Change We Need:

I am sick of inept politicians and government officials and ordinary citizens who want to create a nanny state. That goes for those from every political party you can mention. I think, we need to start to revolt now before it is too late. We need to throw out the bums and put in folks who will realize they are the servants of the people. We need to make certain that our Constitution is the law of the land instead of having our presidents, congress people and judges disregard what was meant to be The Supreme Law of the Land! We need to make sure we secure our borders and throw out illegal aliens and alien overstays so that our nation remains the United States of America. We need to encourage legal immigration only and give rewards to those who legally immigrate here while we severely punish those who continue to come here illegally. We need to make sure that 'Made In America' is seen on most products sold in this country once again and that United States Citizens and Legal Immigrants are the ones who made them! We need to see government waste curtailed and cut back so far as to allow us to balance the nation's budget and pay off what we owe as soon as possible. We need to have a single tax rate on all for income, no more than 15%. We need to eliminate Social Security and medicare but first let's get rid of the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, The Environmental Protection Agency, The Department of Homeland Security (especially the TSA and ICE) and other federal departments and agencies that are little more than a drain on the tax payer. We need to bring back the United States Customs Service (not settle for Customs & Border Protection because it is nowhere nearly as effective) as a protector of the revenue and as a collector of Customs Duties and we need to reinstate Customs Duties on everything imported into the country and all technology exported out of the country - no exceptions. We need to create not only tax incentives for American businesses but other incentives as well such as less regulation on industry. We need to remember that we, as The People, have rights under our constitution and that those rights have been perverted and whittled away and we need to get them back in order. We need a well armed People to assure a polite society and a safe and secure nation and to secure all of our other rights. We and our politicians need to remember that our nation was born of violent revolution in response to tyranny and we need to try to avoid that but remember it is always a possibility in the face of tyrannts whether they come at us with force or from behind the veil of progress, or security, needing to reign in our rights a bit here and a bit there.

We need a lot more than all of that but those surely would be a start in the right direction. The thing is, we cannot wait for this to happen, we need it to happen now - right away. So, I think, we also need to get rid of those who give every excuse as to why it is not possible right away. It is possible, just as Bush created Homeland Security and did away with the Immigration Service by act of Congress all in the blink of an eye with overwhelming support from Congress. Government officials can act very fast when they want to, the thing is we have to make them want to do it and do it now. I think that the only way to accomplish that, short of shooting every damned politician in this country (and no I do not think that is the way to go) and starting from scratch, would be to hold a nonviolent revolution to overthrow the establishment within the borders of legality (yes I think that is the way to go) by way of the vote. That means getting rid of all of them or almost all of them in the next elections as far as I see it.

The elections are over a year away but I believe we need to start to plan for the change now. We need to start working on it now. We need to get our acts together as one strong force, an overwhelming force, so that we can retake America and return it to being a nation of We The People. Many say it is too late and have given in to the politicians we have had in government now and in recent years. I firmly believe what we have now are inept managers, what we need are strong leaders. If you do not wake up to the reality of it now, it may come down to guns & ammo and revolutionaries later, or worse yet to all of us speaking Chinese or Arabic. I hope not, I hope that America being the best and strongest nation on the face of the earth is something that my children and grand children will enjoy for their lifetimes.

Would it take a revolution of sorts to accomplish all that - you can bet it will - a revolution in how the American Citizen as voter thinks and votes. I cannot tell you for whom to vote or how to vote but I can tell you what I think and for what type of candidates I will vote in upcoming elections. It will be those who remember they are servants of the people, not those who think they are masters of them and it will be for those who remember that it is America who got them to where they are and they owe everything to this nation. I used to be an independent, then registered as a Republican but now and pretty sure I will go back to being an Independent once again. About the only parties I would seriously think of registering for now would be as a Libertarian or, if they were an actual political party, The Tea Party. No, I am not campaiging for them or telling you to join them, I am just saying that they are who I might join. I think, we need to get back to what made this country great, as far as I am concerned we can let countries like China, North Korea, Syria, and Russia keep the change.

All the best,
Glenn B

Blue Skies, Yellow Columbine & Very Dirty Hands

I just picked up a load of flowers for the garden yesterday at Home Despot. One of them was a nice potted Yellow Columbine (click the pic). The Yellow variety, that I bought, has a lot less contrast to it than the Pink (that Cap'n Bob & The Damsel have up on their site) but is a beautiful flower nonetheless. Both are very nice though I think the Pink wins out by just a bit. Had I seen pink ones, would have gotten at least one pot full of them too.

Today was a great day for garden work. A cool, clear, blue skied late morning and early afternoon. It clouded up a bit but not much and I think the sun is back out again now. My wife planted some flowers and other plants today but held off on the Columbine waiting to find the perfect spot for it. Today she worked with Impatiens, Petunias and Geraniums mostly and maybe the one Dahlia I got for her. She still has the Columbine, more Petunias and Geraniums, some herbs and others waiting.

I planted a Rhododendron (lost one last year when a neighbor apparently sprayed defoliant). I also planted some of the vegetable garden, only: eggplants, peppers and tomatoes but better than nothing. Man did I get get dirty. I plan to plant some radishes, green beans, cucumbers, squash and more tomatoes and peppers. I wonder if it is too late for lettuce?

Plants are more expensive than last year and Home Despot was not selling small sized veggies in the flats of 8 or so that they usually have on sale. They only had individually potted vegetables which wind up being much more expensive. Oh well, with gas as high as it is, I saw regular for $4.599 yesterday (sky high even around here), I figured it would balance out if bought them at HD instead of wasting gas to find another place. Next year I may try some from seeds. I tried some this year but was too early with them and they all died. Better luck next time.

Now that I got some planting done, I think I may clean my new AK-47. If get that done, it could mean a range trip tomorrow. None of that before ordering out for Chinese. I offered to fire up the BBQ but the wife and kids have a hankering for some cuisine of the Asian persuasion. When I think about it, some Moo Shoo Pork General Tso's Chicken (extra spicy, no broccoli), Wonton Soup and some other delectables like fried dumplings are on the menu and don't sound bad at all.

Later for you, I have to go make my selections on the menu. (By the way, one week and one day have passed and I have stuck to my snack free diet. I don't know if any pounds have been shed but have been sleeping somewhat better and feeling better.)

All the best,
Glenn B

Milton Wolf, The Wolf Files - A Must Read Blog...

...written by Milton R. Wolf, cousin of President Barack Hussein Obama and also a Tea Party member. He has an excellent piece on Newt Gingrich and Gingrichcare versus Obamacare here.

His blog also contains many other interesting articles. The main blog page can be found here:

I think this one may become a frequent read for me, maybe even a daily one.

All the best,