Sunday, December 25, 2022

They Are Calling It Burglary & Vandelism...

 ...but with the state of our electric grid being dependent upon Red China for replacement parts and with the amount of ordnance we have wasted in the Ukraine and what with our president praising how great and wonderful it is that China's economy is thriving while at the same time they are undergoing an unprecedented military buildup and have been showing signs of aggression against our allies along with Russia, North Korea and Iran to name only a few - I have to wonder are these practice runs at sabotage. Talking about two recent attacks on a power substations, more at the source:
If these are merely vandals - who have knocked out power for thousands now twice within a week or two - how much easier would it be for trained saboteurs! Don't think there are enemy agents with the USA? Just look at the hundreds of thousands if not millions of illegal entries into the US, during the past two years under Biden while he also has kissed China's butt, and tell me you honestly believe that no potential red-saboteurs have crossed that border and I will tell you that you are full of shaite.

All the best,
Glenn B

Christmas Sure Has Been Nice So Far

Staying at my son's place for Christmas. He made a couple of Cornish Game Hens and stuffed shrooms last night. Today he made a nice breakfast of: coffee, fresh baked crescent rolls, sausage patties, bacon and loose scrambled eggs with scallions. We will be enjoying a late dinner tonight of prime rib. We have been enjoying a bit of the excellent crab dip I made for this weekend. For desert tonight, I made a pan of chocolate brownies from scratch; they have a very heavy kind of, sort of almost cake-like outer layer with a heavy chocolate fudge-like inside. Hope to also enjoy a wee dram of the Balvenie 14 year old Week Of Peat; I gave my son a bottle of that along with a few other things. Been drinking a variety pack of Paulaner bier in the mean time.All with a nice tree to enjoy looking at.

I got a bunch of very nice Christmas presents: an AR-15 carry case (from my Secret Santa), and this stuff from my family & my son's girlfriend: a winter hat, 3 lbs of excellent coffees, 1 pound of dark chocolate covered whole  cherries, one 12 pack of Mounds bars, a $50 gift cert. at Target Sports USA (bought three boxes of 380), a calendar, a Roku Premiere (streaming controller) and a couple of things I got for myself: a Beretta APX A1 Carry and a winter coat (that has to go back for an exchange, way too tight in the shoulders wide at the bottom as if for Baby Huey).
I also 'got' to help him clean up the leaves in the front yard by moving several loads of them, on a 9x12 foot tarp, into a long pile about 4 feet tall by 6 feet deep by at least 35 feet long - in his backyard up along a fence. I hope it is not windy anytime soon.
I gave him and his gal-pal each a NERF gun, him a 6 shot revolver and her a many shot (I think 16 shots) NERF rifle with a couple of extra bags of NERF darts. They already had a blast with them. 
Of course they got some other goodies from me too. I sent my wife & daughter some coffee and a couple of gift certificates at one of their favorite restaurants and my grandson got a nice scooter and a flying ball from me. Oh yeah, also sent him a gift card for a Carvel ice cream shop.

Not forgetting the religious side of the day - which I believe is all about giving (as in Jesus being God's gift to mankind). I hope your Christmas has been a merry one and as spiritual as per your beliefs. Mine has been excellent in all regards and it truly has been better to give than to receive this year as in most if not all. Besides gifts to family & friends, I made sure to give a decent donation to one of my favorite charities a day or three ago.
A special shout out to Jen & her family - Merry Christmas my friends!

All the best,
Glenn B

Happy Schwanza - Really!



 Idiot is she even if that is faked but my guess is it is real! Imagine if Trump had said that, I wonder what civil rights charges they would look to throw at him.

All the best, 
Glenn B

Merry Christmas

The title of this post just about says it all for today but there is a bit more: I hope you have a Merrily Excellent Christmas or had a Happy & Joyous Chanukah or a Happy Festivus (for the rest of us) without too many grievances to air.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, December 23, 2022

Do You Know What Day It Is Today?

Happy Festivus for the rest of us. If you are unfamiliar with the holiday of Festivus, I strongly recommend you watch the 1997 episode of Seinfeld called The Stike (one of the best of all episodes and you can purchase it on YouTube here - I do not get kickbacks I am mentioning it as a place where you can find it). It is a blast. 
Here is a clip, of most of the episode dealing with Festivus, for those too lazy or poor to watch the whole episode:


Then after watching that episode - and I suggest only after watching it - read up on Festivus here. Amazingly, it was a holiday tradition, in rebellion against the commercialism of Christmas, for at least one family for over 30 years - long before being made famous on Seinfeld.

Enjoy your aluminum pole (or clock in a bag if a stickler for the original), Festivus meal, the airing of grievances, feats of strength and Festivus miracles. 
Happy Festivus for the rest of us!
ETA: Today is also the day, December 23rd, when in 1888, Vincent van Gogh mutilated imself. As some would have you believe, cutting off his own ear was as an act of love. I have always thought though that he was a bit of a psycho (as evidenced by his paintings and due to his self mutilation). We would have gotten along just fine!

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Another Year Around The Sun...

 ...commenced yesterday (or any day you choose for that matter) but to give some significance as to why I chose yesterday; well, yesterday was the Winter Solstice and days are getting longer after all. Anthropologists used to think that Stonehenge in England was built by the Druids to celebrate the Summer Solstice what with the warmer weather, growing of crops and then the harvest to come. A couple or few years back, I heard an interesting theory on some  quasi-scientific TV show. It said that some had come to the belief that it was actually the Winter Solstice that the Druids were celebrating because the days started to get longer and signified the renewal of life after the Winter Solstice. They supposedly had evidence to support the theory if you can call guesswork about thousands of years old stuff evidence.

Anyway - Happy Winter and happy longer daylight hours.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, December 19, 2022

Secret Santa

 Each year, some guys on a gun forum, of which I am a member, run a Secret Santa. I got my recipient several gifts this year and whoever was my Secret Santa got me a single gift.

 These are what I sent out to the guy who was my assigned recipient:


 Starting from the upper left and going more or less clockwise are:

NERF pistol, field cleaning kit, Browning Patriot knife, a Santa Claus Pez dispenser with two packs of Pez candies, Silly Putty, The Total Gun Manual (I considered reading it first but that just would not have been right) and a "Big Ass Brick Of Soap Gun Smoke" (it's all on the label). The idea is you are assigned someone to whom to send a gift of at least $20.00 in value (not including postage). 

Like I said above, I got one gift:

That's a RangeMaxx AR-15 case. It is going to get a good deal of use. Came as it appears and has a shoulder carry strap inside. I like it.

Lots of fun is the Secret Santa deal.

All the best,
Glenn B

I've Got A Few Glock Switches...

 ...but mine are unlike those of the 11 guys recently charged federally with possession of machine guns for having them. They were arrested and charged for possessing switches that turn Glocks into full auto pistols (more at the source). I will not be getting arrested for mine; my Glock switches are 100% legal. You see my Glock switches are when I switch from carrying or shooting one of my three Glock 19s to another and or to my Glock 26. Sorry, I just felt oddly compelled to post this one.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Must Have Been A Happy Meal!

 My post's title just about says it all for this one:
All the best,
Glenn B

So If We Were To Go To War Either...

 ...because our nation was attacked by an enemy or because we declared war on an aggressor nation to defend an ally - how likely would we be to come out the winner? Here are some things to consider before answering that for yourself or in a comment here:
1. Joe Biden is our president and seemingly is mentally unsound.
2. Joe Biden has used up millions of gallons of oil from our strategic oil reserves (strategic as to be used during a major nationwide catastrophe as in if we go to war). The reserves while not completely depleted are most certainly short because Biden dipped into them, as I recall, with false promises of that ending the very high gasoline prices at the pumps. That did not end high gas prices but most assuredly used up a good amount of our reserves.
3. Biden keeps on giving arms & ammunition, among other military aid. to the Ukraine to help it defend itself in its war with Russia.
4. China keeps flexing its military muscle especially with regard to Taiwan and what does Joe Biden do (just last week or the week before) but praise China and how wonderful it is that their economy is doing well because as he put it that can only be good for America. No Joe, that is good for China.
5. North Korea keeps shooting off missiles that are supposedly capable not only of striking Japan and our other allies like Australia but of reaching the USA. At the same time North Korea keeps on doing tests of nuclear weapons.
6. Iran remains our stalwart enemy and Biden wants to make nuclear power deals with them.
7. Biden closed down an awful lot of oil production in the USA that Trump opened up.
8. Biden is insistent on a shift away from fossil fuels to such things as electric cars but will not admit that most electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels. His administration has already changed some government vehicles to electric ones. He urges that all vehicles in the future are to use electricity for power.
9. He has not explained where we will get the resources to produce batteries for these vehicles nor where and when the charging stations will be built nor how those charging stations will get the power with which to charge the cars including those that government employees and our military will be driving.
10. He has opened up the southern border and probably the northern border as well and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of illegal aliens and smugglers have been entering the USA - at least across the southern border - Canadians seem content to to remain in Canada for the most part.
11. Drug smuggling & human trafficking are rampant across the southern border into the USA. Very few are speaking about what else is coming in illegally and I am of the opinion that you can rest assured that terrorists, foreign agents, and weapons of all sorts have been smuggled across our border during Biden's reign as tyrant in chief.
12. Biden essentially has depleted our military ranks by discharging many of our military service members who did not comply with vaccination mandates. Biden and or his admin  have also mandated that the military in sum & substance become woke and operate under rules that are damaging our military.
So, where do those things and others leave us in the event that Russia decides to just go nuclear in the Ukraine while at the same time their allies - Red China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and others launch an attack on U.S. soil. I think Biden has seemingly single-handedly assured we would be rapidly and badly defeated in such a war.

All the best,
Glenn B

After Today - Only 6 Shopping Days Before Christmas...

 ...and I have almost all my shopping completed. I still need a few gift cards and will buy them online on Christmas Eve and to carry on with my annual tradition (since I was a preteen kid) I will also be going out on Christmas Eve to buy someone a last minute gift or two. 
Christmas is all about gift giving, too bad so many folks seem to have forgotten or never understood that that Jesus was God's gift to mankind on that very first Christmas and that Jesus received the gifts from the Magi of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. (Frankincense is my favorite incense of all and burning it with myrrh creates a fabulous aroma). I addition, Joseph & Mary received the gift of shelter in the shed & the gift of the manger - meager as that may have been it was the birthplace of Christ.
Now, I am not religious but I was raised a Catholic and thus have been affected by that faith for both good & bad but I think mostly for good. While I do not practice it any longer there are some aspects of the faith which I think are wonderful and of all of them, I think the Spirit of giving at Christmas is the best by far but that such spirit could & should also be exercised throughout the year. 
With giving in mind, don't forget to give to a charity or charities. That said, let me leave and head to the website of the Salvation Army to make my annual donation.
All the best,
Glenn B



Tuesday, December 13, 2022

My Latest Ka-Bar & A Bit Of History

I received my latest Ka-Bar via UPS today. I had the high bid on it in the last Hessney Sportsman Auction ten days ago. I had been looking for a boot knife to carry for some time now and now that I have this one, I may just keep looking. There is nothing wrong with this one and that is exactly why I am debating (with myself) as to whether or not I will carry it, it is that nice I think.

When I saw that the box said Ka-Bar Knives by Cole it piqued my curiosity. So I googled that phrase. One thing that came up was a link to the history of Ka-Bar. Thus I learned not only about why & when Cole produced Ka-Bar Knives but also about the history of the Ka-Bar brand from its beginnings long before the name Ka-Bar was thought up. One of the more interesting things is how & why the company name was eventually changed to Ka-Bar from its preceding name of Union Cutlery Company (and there were other names before that), that company was located in Olean, NY (still is there or at least has returned). For an interesting read about Ka-Bar, go to the page at this link:

I had not bought a Ka-Bar in awhile because my other four of them have held up well. Those four are all versions of the USMC WWII fighting knife, two regular size & two compact. This new knife, having been manufactured in Japan under the Ka-Bar name under the direction of Cole of Ohio, was made sometime between 1966 (when Cole took over) and 1996 (when CUTCO bought KA-Bar and returned manufacturing to Olean, NY)..

I figure I did okay on this one because I picked it up with a bid of $75.00 plus 13% buyer's premium and approximately $13.00 shipping (it was in with two other items so I divided shipping by 3). I think that just under $98.00 was a deal since I saw the same type of knife sold for $165.00 online, see this.

For now at least, the mental debate between the opposing views within my psyche continues - use it or keep it as new in the box!\

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Really WTF Is Wrong With The Idiots In Our Society Today

I don't know about you but I had never before heard of what I think amounts to the self mutilation that the article at the link below discusses. Why anyone would be stupid enough to even consider doing that to him or her self, essentially turning their eyeballs more or less into Easter eggs in appearance, is beyond my power comprehension, really my imagination totally fails me as to why someone would do that to their eyeballs and their health. I think that future society, as it was depicted in the movie Idiocracy, would have absolutely nothing on the moronic \folks who would do this to themselves. Find out about it at the source: (you may have to cut & paste that address into your browser).
To think - that total idiot (my opinion of her if she did as alleged) is a mother! If true, I can only think: Heaven help her children so they do not turn out like her! I wish her the best possible outcome with regard to regaining her sight because that is the right thing to do but I find that I cannot refrain from saying it again - I think she is an absolute idiot. Unbelievable!
All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Does NORINCO 223 REM Ammo Use Steel Core Projectiles?

I recently had the high bid on 60 boxes (1,200 rounds) of NORINCO 223 Remington ammunition. This ammo used to be frequently imported into the USA; however, it was banned in the early 1990s (93 or 94 depending upon two different sources) by President William J. Clinton. Despite the fact that he banned all importation of Chinese ammunition and I think firearms too, Clinton extended most favored nation trading status to that country. 
Back to the ammo: One of the most frequent questions raised about this ammo is whether or not the projectiles (bullets) are steel core. I tried to find out by doing an online search and found several firearms forums in which there were threads that posed the same question. The thing was, the answers were not definitive and there thus was a lot of controversy as to whether or not the bullets are steel core. So, I decided to find out myself and did a video while doing the finding out. The video will answer that question - at least with regard to the NORINCO 223 REM ammo that I just received.
The answer - watch the video for it - was kind of, sort of almost definitely what I had expected. Some things I read while researching the question online (before I did my test) were that: This the bullets are 55 grain, it uses full metal jacket bullets, it has high quality reloadable brass cases, it is boxer primed, it is pretty accurate, it is not prone to misfires and it is essentially manufactured to the same specs as M193 ammunition. I took in all that with a grain of salt; some of that may be correct and other things mentioned may be incorrect.
Here is what I learned when I did the video and looked over the ammo boxes:Whether or not it is steel core (watch the video to see if steel core). What NORINCO claims it to be: it is 223 REM, it is brass cased & boxer primed, it is reloadable brass, it is "non corrosive". It was made in the the P.R. China (People's Republic of Chine). All that was stated on the boxes. What is not stated  on the boxes is the grain weight of the projectiles and that they are FMJ.
Note that I put quotation marks around "non corrosive". That is because that is what was printed on the box - non, then a space, followed by corrosive. In English it would be noncorrosive to be correct. So I leave it to you to decide if NORINCO was saying is noncorrosive or if they were they pulling a fast one and saying it actually is corrosive but misleading us with the word non preceding corrosive but apart from it. Of course, it could merely be a foul up in the translation when they wrote up the words to be placed onto the boxes nor that the bullets are FMJ.
In the event it does not show here, this is the web address for the video: 
 All the best,
Glenn B