Monday, December 25, 2017

Pray For Them - Two Officers Were Shot...

...last night while responding to a domestic dispute between a man and his daughter in VA. After trying to calm the situation the officers apparently followed the man to his bedroom where he was able to reach into a closet, grab a gun and start firing at the officers. Luckily, neither of the officer s was killed, one was apparently struck in one arm and at least one leg and the other in at least one leg. Amazingly, and the report gives no explanation as to why, one of the officers deployed his TASER and shot the man with it 
instead of deploying deadly force against him. More at the source.

Al the best,
Glenn B


Merry Christmas,
Glenn B

Some Nice Gifts So Far

To me, Christmas is absolutely ALL about giving gifts. I used to be religious and believed it then, am not religious (maybe a little bit) and believe it now. The first gift was that of star to guide the magi toward him,, the next gift was the manger to Joseph and his expectant wife Mary. The next gift and I suppose the most important, especially if you are religious, was the gift from God of his son, Jesus Christ, to mankind. The gift giving did not stop there for angels on high came to sing to the child and shepherds from the fields flocked to Him with their praise. Still, the giving continued and the three kings appeared bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Of course, the spirit of Christmas and the gift giving continue today - 2,017 years later.

It pleases me greatly to give gifts to my loved ones as a sign no only of my love to them but as an acknowledgement to them that they are worth everything to me. While it may be better, as some say, to give than to receive - it also pleases me greatly to receive gifts from others. Here are a couple I have received so far that please me very much:

The best Christmas gift was my son unexpectedly
showing up on Friday all the way from Arkansas.

The next two and only others I have opened so far are:
the Festivus sweatshirt that was from my son and that
Swedish made axe that I received from my Secret
Santa on the NY Gun Forum. Both are excellent.
I can make good use of both of these gifts! One to keep me
nicely warm and cozy during the Zombie Apocalypse and
the other to make sure I survive it all alive and well.
Mind you and don't get me wrong, while I like the getting and giving of gifts, the gifts themselves are not what the spirit of Christmas is about. The true spirit of Christmas is about giving and the love & kindness that goes along with giving all while demanding and even expecting nothing in return. That spirit is truly what makes Christmastime the most wonderful time of the year.

Merry Christmas,
Glenn B

Merry Christmas To All

Merry Christmas,
Glenn B