Monday, January 8, 2024

It's Amazing How Long Someone Can Be Wrong About Memories And Observations And Such

 Recently, I was reading about cells and the word chromosomes was in what I was reading. I was surprised, even somewhat amazed about how it was spelled, that for all of my life since I first heard that word, I al3ways thought it was chromosones. It is what I heard every time I heard it mentioned, now has me wondering if that is the way I read it too. I guess it's kind of like folks remembering the peanut butter brand name of Jif (the actual name of the PB) as Jiff or as Jiffy (Jiffy is or was actually a baking mix). Makes me wonder what other things I have gone through life saying, spelling, believing in - that I have had wrong. I remember when I was a kid I thought government was goverment (now I think the more appropriate spelling should be gooberment) and that Wednesday was Wedsday (funny me missing an N each time). I also recall one day when in my early 20s when I noticed a tree that I previously had walked by literally hundreds, if not thousands of times, suddenly appeared very different than I remembered ever having seeing it. In fact I almost walked into part of it leaning over the sidewalk.That day its trunk was bent (it was a very noticeable bend pretty much impossible to not notice it). Damn, to this day I remember clearly it had not been bent before that day; yet, there was nothing to indicate it had been damaged to cause the bend. So, I guess it must have always been bent but for some reason my memory of it was off kilter. Just some weird stuff there. 

All the best,
Glenn B