Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The New Hard Drive

Today, I received the replacement hard drive for my computer from HP. The thing is that I am none to sure it is the same as was the old one. I have sent them an email to check on it as some features of the old are not listed in the paperwork for the new.

Tomorrow, I will call the HP in-home tech service rep to see when he can get here - that pending an answer from HP on whether or not the replacement drive has the same features as did the old one. If they confirm that the features are the same or better, then I hope the in-home tech service rep gets here soon. With the weather expected to be miserable over the next two days or so (screw Al Gore and all the Global Warming BS), my bet is he will not get here until at least Saturday which was the day that HP figured in the first place.

As you can guess, my hard drive has not actually failed yet. I keep getting warnings from the Windows operating system that failure is imminent and that I should back-up my files - that has already been accomplished. In addition, if I turn the laptop off and start it up again, I get a similar warning from the laptop itself. I am hoping it just keeps chugging along until the drive is replaced.

All the best,
Glenn B

On Voting Republican Or For A Third Party Candidate

I think that the Republican Party has doomed itself. As I see it, they are not a legitimate political party any longer. Their house leader, Speaker of The House Boehner, is a complete spineless boob and his comrades in the House are mostly likewise. The Republicans in the Senate are not much better. Their latest blunder was this:

From now on, I will vote along third party lines because I think it is destroying America to vote for Democrats or for their supporters - the Republican Party. I am almost certain to vote for Libertarians or Conservatives not associated with the Republican party on the ballot. That will go for all upcoming major elections.

As I told a friend of mine, who told me voting for a third party only helps the Democrats:

It does not matter if it (voting for third party candidates) helps the Democrats since more than half of the Republicans now in office are helping the Democrats carry out the Democrat Party Line. In fact, if I did not know with which party they were affiliated, I would swear many Republicans to be either Democrats or Liberals. So, if you vote for any of them, you are helping the Democrats already.

Who are you going to vote for as president - Christie? He is an Obama ass kissing Liberal no matter how much he would like to claim to be a Conservative. Not me, I will no longer be voting Republican. I will either be voting for the Libertarian candidate or for a truly Conservative one but not for one in the Republican party. You can keep voting the Republican Party line saying that voting for a third party helps the Democrats, I believe that voting Rebooblican helps the Demoncrats even more than voting third party. It makes the Republicans believe they still have a fairly large and strong voting block who support their liberal stand and they just keep getting more and more in line with Democrats.

In addition, voting Republican keeps votes away from the guy in the third party who might truly make a difference that will crush the Liberal (Democrat) party line, if not in the next election, then almost certainly in our lifetime BUT we have to start voting for them now. That way they may pick up enough momentum after two or three more elections to actually have a chance at winning.

Even if a Libertarian or other third party candidate does not win, but merely gets a lot of what was once Republican voter support, it may also scare the pants off of Rebooblicans. Losing enough voters may make the RHINOS realize they need to get back to being conservatives instead of caving in every time a Demoncrat blames them for something that (they say) is about to happen (instead of looking at the long term picture). Right now it seems that way too many so called Republicans are voting along Democrat party lines - we need them out and new blood in and I think the third party is the way to go for that. 

All the best,
Glenn B