Monday, January 20, 2020

The Zombie Killer Mosin Nagant - Moving Along Nicely

This is what the Zombie Killer's stock looks like now after having been stripped naked.

This is what the Zombie Killer looked like before stripping it.

I've kept at it over the weekend and today and so far all the metal parts except the butt plate have been stripped of that horrendous pink paint. I've also stripped the wood; in fact the wood is just about ready for a coat of finish. I am guessing that I am going to use a pretty dark color in keeping with the original look of the rifle - more or less. I'm thinking of getting a MinWax or similar brand of finish that has both the finish color and the poly-urethane (or whatever) already mixed into it. Then again, I may just use a finish coat for color and then some tung oil or maybe even spar varnish atop that. If I really feel energetic, I may also re-blue a few parts that need it with a cold bluing. Then again, covering them with the finish and a top coat may look more authentic.

I thought I had some finish on hand but can't find it in my apartment. Chances are I either threw it out before leaving NY or left it at my son's place in AR. No big deal, a trip to Homer's Depot is in order for later today.

Edited To Add: Well, I was at Home Depot and picked up some stain. Had to use Varathane brand - no MinWax here at Homer's. Anyway, using a nice red walnut on the Zombie Killer stock. I also stopped by Academy Sports and picked up some Birchwood Casey Perma-Blue bluing.

So, what metal was almost white now is blued (surprisingly it looks good too) the wood is stained and all that remains is putting a top coat on it. I would have sworn I had some tung oil that I brought down here from NY but I'll be damned if I can find it. Maybe it's at my son's place in AR. Anyway, I guess it is going to mean a trip to Lowes (they have MinWax brand and it appears my favorite brand Formby's has been bought out by MinWax) to get some more because I am not driving to his place just to get that and regardless of going to his place to get it (if it is there) or not going - as I recall that stuff was high gloss. Probably better not to use a high gloss on a Mosin Nagant - either a low gloss (in stock at Lowes) or satin finish would be more like the original or so I think. I'll have to mull over which to use and of course whichever I choose, it will have to be available near me. 

All the best,
Glenn B

Water Expired? Heck We Drink The Same Water As Did The Dinosaurs...

...or so I have heard it said by a noted paleontologist on a show about dinosaurs some years back. Yet, one the the four (so far) government officials in Puerto Rico, Carlos Acevedo the director of Puerto Rico’s Office of Emergency Management, who was just fired because a warehouse full of emergency supplies was discovered unused after sitting there for two years, reportedly said in part that he did not dispose of the supplies because they had expired! Imagine - water expiring. More at the source.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to recall that the governor of Puerto Rico and many others in government (mostly liberals/democrats) accused President Trump of not supplying PR with supplies fast enough nor in good enough amounts to aid Puerto Rico after a Hurricane Maria, a natural disaster that devastated Puerto Rico couple of years ago! I also seem to recall the governor, back at that time, bad mouthing Trump while standing in the middle of a number of the supplies that the president had sent. Now these suddenly have appeared after yet another natural disaster!

Do you think maybe, just maybe, these were hidden away by his political opponents back then just to try to bolster their claims that he had not sent enough quickly enough! No - probably not - that couldn't be it - could it! My guess would be even demoncrats are not that dumb; I figure they probably were going to sell the stuff on the black market once they thought it was safe and were just biden biding their time. I have to give their seemingly inherent dishonesty at least that much credit.

All the best,
Glenn B