Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Christmas Wish List - Just In Case Anyone Is Feeling Extra Generous

Who knows, maybe there is a Faerie Godmother, and Easter Bunny, A Great Pumpkin and a Santa Claus. Heck, there may even be some rich person out there looking to give someone, like me, one or more nice Christmas present(s) just for the asking. So here is my Christmas Present Wish List and yes I am asking: Please, if you are so inclined, then won't you please give me at least one of these gifts this Christmas?

2016 Toyota Corolla, any color except black, preferably one with a manual transmission but automatic will do

Barrett Model 98B black, in either .308 Win or .338 Lapua Magnum caliber, with two extra magazines and 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

Henry Small Game Lever Action Rifle, in .22 WMR (aka: 22 Magnum), available here.

Hornady LeveRevolution 35 Remington Ammo, 200 Grain, Flex Tip eXpanding, 500 rounds, factory fresh (no reloads please).

Alaska Hunting & Fishing Trip, an all expense paid hunting trip for one week for two people in Alaska.

Bear Hunt In Maine, an all expense paid one week hunting & fishing trip to Maine, for two.

Glock Model 19 Pistol, with 4 additional 10 round magazines (legally limited to 10 round mags in NY).

From the more frugal minded:

Taclite Pro Pants, black, size 36x30.

Silica Gel Dehumidifier (desiccant).

Zum Stammtisch Restaurant gift certificate.

One can dream, can't one!

All the best,
Glenn B