Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Man Shot As Government Agents Confiscate His Guns...

Feds Raid Home To Confiscate Firearms
Owner Shot Dead

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Dec. 14: Police Chief Frank Imadonno of the Mount Salem, II Police Department has confirmed that Richard Drafourne of 183 Chisolm Way was shot dead by federal agents early this morning when the agents raided his home as part of a gun confiscation. He stated that Drafourne was personally known to him to be a firearm's enthusiast. Drafourne’s wife Isabelle was also wounded by gunfire during the raid.

Federal agencies are keeping mum; however a source who cannot be identified because he was not authorized to release information to the press about this incident confirmed that: "It was a routine firearms confiscation from Drafourne who was an NRA member, and member of his local gun club.” According to the source Drafourne, who was 34, was also a regular visitor to his local church, and was a member of the Young Republicans For The 2nd Amendment, an organization that had vehemently spoken out against usurpation of 2nd amendment rights. Drafourne is survived by his wife, two children, and mother. His wife Isabelle is currently listed in critical condition in St. Jude's Hospital secure care wing. All of Drafourne’s family members were arrested by the agents and with the exception of his wife are now being held at the federal detention center in Piarea.

To Date ACE agents have seized over 10,000 legally owned firearms, effected 2,000 arrests of firearms owners who objected to their authority to effect confiscations of legally owned firearms, have wounded 546 citizens and three resident aliens firearms owners, and have killed 15 citizen firearms owners during government firearms confiscations throughout the nation. All of the confiscations were authorized by executive order of the president.

The president has refused to make an in depth comment on the 15th such killing of a United States Citizen Firearms' Owner within the first year of his administration; however he has made it clear in the past that he is vehemently opposed to 2nd amendment rights as being those of the average citizen. When questioned by reporters about the current situation. The president did state: "Ahhh, errr, ahhh, there was a citizen who refused to obey my executive order.” The president then immediately transitioned to a discussion of the failing fiscal bailout of the financial industry and how more sacrifices must be made by taxpayers in order to bolster America’s stricken economy. Taxes have risen to a rate of 50% of income under his current plan.

The agents who took part in the 4AM raid on the Drafourne residence are all believed to be members of the newly instituted federal agency - American Civilian Enforcement. While media photographers were not allowed near the site, all law enforcement vehicles seen entering and leaving the area were marked ACE in huge bold lettering and were evidently occupied by heavily armed federal agents in brown shirts with the ACE and FEDERAL AGENT – POLICE logos on their jackets, many also bore the double S insignia of the Special Services branch of that agency. Most of the original members of this group of law enforcement officers were selected from among the ranks of the now defunct Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives which was dismantled in order to create and staff ACE. BATFE Agents not selected to fill these positions were among the first citizens to have their legally owned firearms confiscated and to be imprisoned under the executive order of the president.

Newly appointed National Rifle Association President Timothy Hictchcok, a descendant of old west shootist Crazy Will Hictchcok, has issued a statement from a secret location condemning the actions by federal authorities and calling for the people to rise up and unite in a common front against what he called "...the most tyrannical regime since the former USSR." Hitchcok's appointment was rushed during an emergency meeting of NRA board members. Hictchcok, and other NRA board members, has been in hiding in an undisclosed location since the arrest of former NRA president Wayne LaPierre. A day after his arrest on weapons charges, Lapierre was reported to have committed suicide by hanging himself with a belt in his jail cell. Investigation of claims that it appeared LaPierre had bruises and scratches indicating a violent struggle have been poohed by the president's administration and the investigation into possible homicide has been closed by the FBI. The Bureau of Prisons' guard who made those allegations has been placed on indefinite administrative leave and has remained unavailable for comment. A warrant for the arrest of Hitchcok has been issued and for the first time in decades the wanted posters distributed by the FBI list this man as "WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE".

This report was filed by:
Gerold O. Reevehrah

Reporting In Hiding For
Internet Free America

Of course this is all hypothetical satire, with absolutely no reference made to any actual person living or dead; and no reference made to any real actions taken by any real federal or other law enforcement agencies.

Now tell me - As a Free and Firearm's Owning American - would you be ready for something like this? You surely will not be ready for it if you are not armed; but exactly what plan do you have in place if such tyranny actually begins? To be quite frank, I think it is on the near horizon, and I think we as a nation are not ready for it in our complacency. Maybe we ought to start thinking and preparing for the worst.

Why, well take a look here, that was enough to convince me:

All the best,
Glenn B