Wednesday, January 24, 2007

If this law passes the mayor should be impeached,

....and the law of which I speak is the one that the mayor of Brazoria, TX is trying to pass that will make it a crime to say the word 'nigger' in anger. Of course, under the proposed law, it would be okay for blacks to call other blacks by this word as a term of endearment - can you imagine. I can tell you that African Americans do not call one another nigger as a term of endearment, listen to them if you doubt me. They call one another "nigga' as a term of friendship, butwhen they are angry at one another or want to slur another black person, they often call that person a nigger. There is a distinct difference. Regardless of who calls whom what, the law is very likely unconstitutional, and rather presumptive that anyone would be able to tell how someone meant to use the word if just uttered while speaking as opposed to say while assaulting someone. A law like this truly reeks of a 'mind police' state.

To learn more about the proposed law, see: Texas Mayor Singles Out N-Word for Ban @,2933,246279,00.html. As can be seen in the article, those in the know about the law, even though in agreement that folks should be good enough not to use the word, strongly doubt the law's chance of surviving the Constitutional test. I agree with them, and furthermore I state outright that no such ban on usage of free speech should ever be enacted, no matter how vile the word(s) because once we allow such we will have again eroded our liberties and freedoms, and will have helped to weaken our Constitution.

All the best,
Glenn B