Saturday, March 8, 2008

I Have Only One Choice...

...for whom to vote in the upcoming presidential elections as I see it. Look at the video that Rita at the JungleHut had imbedded in her blog:

If nothing else, John McCain will be a leader seeking to secure and strengthen our great nation for all Americans. Clinton or Obama will be little more than weak kneed wanna-be tyrants who want to tax the wealthier amongst us in order to elevate the poor economically, while at the same time deescalating the wealthier so the poor through the rich all arrive at a level of equality economically regardless of effort. Thus the only difference being that the middle class and the rich have worked for what they will have, and the utterly poor on welfare, and other low lives, who are unwilling to work will have gotten a free ride. That is not what freedom is all about, not what capitalism is about, not what America is about. It is what socialism and communism are about. I prefer a society in which one makes it as best he can based upon amenability to become a good citizen, willingness to fit in, willingness to start at the bottom and work your way up and so forth. I do not believe that anyone has an entitlement to what I have worked to establish you are entitled to what you have made for yourself - anything else is a handout. Not that handouts are not good or required in some instances, just that entitlements should jot be the driving force of a nation. Any nation that has tried likewise in the past has always failed miserably. I plan to help re-defeat communism and socialism in 2008 by voting McCain.

All the best,
Glenn B