Thursday, December 1, 2011

That Old College Ring Finally Came In Handy For Something...

..and that something was cash to the tune of enough to make me happy I decided to sell it. I have not worn it in many years since it does not fit any more but even if it did fit I wouldn't wear it. I just don't wear jewelry. As a matter of fact, I had not seen the ring for over 3 or 4 months; it somehow wound up on the floor behind my computer desk in the basement. I dug it out of there recently and decided that if I could get a decent price for it, I would sell it. Well, I asked how much they would give, then told them to add on a bit more, they said okay and I sold it. The buyer was a pawn shop that buys and sells gold among other things. I dealt with these folks once before and that time I went to about 4 or 5 other dealers trying to get a price on a small gold ring I had back then. The place I sold the ring at today had the best offer then so I used them again today. (My son also sold some items to them today and he shopped around and this place gave him the best deal.)

I was going to sell the college ring last year at a pawn shop in NYC but they told me the ring was not gold but had iron in it. Actually it was 14 carat white gold that had a black finish added onto the low spots to add a nice contrast between them and the high spots; the black finish was a paint-like material with oxidized metal in it - something that would last just about as long as the ring itself. They doubted me, even though they could have called the ring company to verify that. The ring company is a major supplier of school rings throughout the country and I would think their word on it good enough. Better for me as it turned out because gold is higher today and thus I got more money for it than I would have last year. 

Such a deal, no reason for me to hold onto a ring I would never wear again and now I have a smile on my face and cash in my pocket.

All the best,
Glenn B