Wednesday, December 18, 2019

22 Caliber Single Action Revolvers

Somewhere, sometime just over a year or so ago, the bug bit me. I didn't think much of it at the time - no obvious symptoms, no fever, no rash, no swelling, not even a little bump like you get when a blood sucking skeeter takes a drink at your expense. I didn't think anything of it but truth be told the venom was coursing through my veins and it weakened me in much the same manner as the auction bug that bit me almost 7 years before. This time though it was a bit different, the symptoms were more specific and maybe only heaven and Mr. Allison know why but it had me yearning and sometimes almost squirming for single action 22 caliber revolvers. There may have been a few ways to solve that itch and it seems instead of opting for a cure, I selected that was self defeating in as much as once I scratch it the itch keeps returning.

Ruger New Model Single Six Convertible October 2018

High Standard Double Nine February 2019

Colt Frontier Scout August 2019

Ruger Single Six Convertible - old model

I tried to cure myself, really I did. I picked up some rifles and shotguns in that time frame and even a 22 caliber double action revolver but all to no avail - that itch for 22 single action revolvers keeps at me and I just acquired yet another:

Ruger New Model Single Six Convertible (2nd)

This one came with all the bells & whistles, so to speak:

Suitable for gift wrapping!

This time though, things will be different. This last one I will not keep and maybe the key to ridding myself of that infernal itch will be to pass it along to some other unsuspecting victim. So, I'm going to give this one (and maybe the itch) to my son for Christmas. Now, I don't usually give used items as Christmas gifts but somehow I don't think Brendan will mind this one. 

Edited to add: I have conflicting info from ATF as to whether or not I can bring this revolver to a dealer in AR, instead of shipping it from a dealer in TX to a dealer in AR, for transfer to my son. An old email I got from ATF said I can bring a gun  there to do a transfer, as long as legally possessing & transporting it myself. I'd also just have to find a dealer who would accept it from me and it would have to be legal in the state where it is ending up (and it is legal in AR - no doubt about it). However, a phone call to ATF today, to verify that has not changed, said I'd have to ship it dealer to dealer for a transfer but I must say first I spoke to an agent and then to a regulatory person and neither one seemed to certain of themselves on this point. Anyway, I think it would be cost prohibitive to ship it - I'd be better off just giving him the money to buy one himself. 

In addition, two dealers I spoke to in AR also had conflicting opinions on this - the first said the same as what ATF told me on the phone today - dealer to dealer shipping then transferred to my son; the other said I can just come to AR and give it to my son no paperwork required. 

It sure would be nice if all of them were on the same page because this kind of confusion is what leads to someone inadvertently screwing up and then maybe getting arrested for it. One other thing of note, that it is a handgun and not a long arm made a difference too; evidently, if it was a long arm, it would have been okay for me to bring it to AR and to transfer it to him.

All the best,
Glenn B