Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Ultimate Progressive - Destroying The Status Quo Of The Progressives

If you discussed politics right after the last major federal primaries and through the last federal general election in November 2018, you probably did some talking about NY's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who was elected to the House of Representatives. Since then she has become almost daily news for her outspoken demeanor on just about every political from so call Climate Change (aka: Global Warming) to her quest to oust several incumbent democrats from her own party because she apparently believes them to be less than progressive enough. She is a ballsy bitch so to speak and has been relentless in her opposition to President Trump and seemingly so toward anyone with who she has an ideological disagreement such as House Speak Nancy Pelosi of her own party. Right now she is leading the charge against incumbent democrats in an effort to have them ousted and replaced by those more in line with her own views (source) and thus she is gaining power as she steamrolls her once upon a time allies. Where to from there if she is successful - maybe the White House itself. Think that last is not possible - you are thinking just like those who thought she did not stand a chance of winning the democrat primary let alone the election.

She is backed by another ideologue, Saikat Chakrabarti, whom she supposedly chose to be her chief of staff; although, I have often wondered if he was he who chose her to manipulate to his own ends. His philosophy of advancing progressiveness, echoes or maybe guides her's, and is evidenced here: 

"It’s all part of a broader strategy to deploy inside-out organizing, Chakrabarti said. Staying connected to the progressive movement — and the public eye — through attention-grabbing demonstrations and social media is part of gaining policy leverage.
In other words: Don’t expect them to back down.

“When you shoot for big stuff, you stay true to the movement, you fight unapologetically on the inside, that is a very, very powerful way to pass the radical solutions that are necessary to face the radical problems that you have,” he said." (Source.)

His major political success seemingly has been the election of Ocasio-Cortez and the ousting of the incumbent democrat she faced down in the primaries. He has a lot of progressive goals and his puppet Ocasio-Cortez is riding high on his agenda. That is not to say it is also her own agenda as well but I think one can safely bet, with a record like Chakrabarti's, he is fanning those flames of ultra progressiveness within her. 

They are the dynamic duo of the progressive movement. While many laughed, still laugh at Ocasio-GuevaraCortez and think her a fool, I think they are individually both dangerous and much more so when aligned with one another. She is the type of leader the current crop of leftist loons find not only as acceptable but as an outstanding specimen of progressive political correctness despite her apparently being fairly clueless when it comes to fact versus fantasy on many current issues and events as well as on historical ones. When you think about it - that has been the hallmark of nearly every tyrant who has ever lived from petty ones all the way up through and including the most heinous and vicious. Her type scares me and should scare you. Mind you, being scared is good, it keeps you on your toes and more likely to act than being comfortably wrapped up in the status quo. Bear in mind the reasons to be concerned is that should she be successful in ousting long time democrat whackadoos from her own party then the next will be those on the other side of the aisle and if she becomes powerful enough the Constitution may follow. Who knows what would follow!

All the best,
Glenn B