Friday, February 5, 2021

This Will Be Hard To Do...

 ...not so much as to getting the practical aspects of it done but rather because I am attached to them and thus just getting it done period will not be easy for me emotionally. What the "it" is that will be hard to get done is selling off between 25% and 50% of my firearms. There are several I do not shoot and others I do not need; although, I like them all. Yet, I am considering selling them because of Joe Biden is president and because of the dem control of both houses of Congress. 

What those sales would accomplish is to give me enough cash to buy more ammo and to buy some others assets like gold or silver to hedge my future before they are completely too expensive for me. My guns are not heirlooms or exquisite pieces worth a fortune but valued at enough maybe to help me get through the hard times that I anticipate are coming. 

Now, mind you, this is just a thought for the moment. I may or may not actually decide to sell them but I have to say, I see no other options right now except the option to be unprepared when hard times hit. I think those hard times are a year or two away at most if not sooner under the current administration. I do not want to find myself unprepared and in a predicament that I cannot fix once it is upon us. With that in mind, I recently sold my meager stocks; got a decent profit even though I could have gotten more because the market has gone up since last week. Still though, my profit was a sure thing and I am looking for sure things right now as opposed to taking chances that may or may not work out. So, I am considering selling some firearms; prices may get better, then again - maybe not!

Still, it would be truly a difficult decision to sell that many of my guns and even more difficult to select which ones to sell. Right now though, it seems like the only thing to do in order to be able to prevent my financial downfall when we, the people, become accountable for the economic blunders of our elected officials.


Mind you, it will not be all Biden's fault. Trump made a fatal error by approving stimulus payments and other pandemic relief. Obama spent like there was no tomorrow times 10! Bush, before him did likewise to a lessor extent but still spent way too much. Clinton was no different and each successor spends more than his predecessor.

I truly think that certain things besides merely the essentials for life will be good investments for the future. Besides food & water and medical supplies, I think precious metals and ammunition are good investments. Land too if you can afford real estate. Guns may be good ones too but if you cannot find the ammo for them, what good are they? Thus, I would rather have fewer guns and more ammo for the ones I decide to keep. 

If I ultimately decide to sell of 1/4 to 1/2 of my collection, I will sell the ones I consider to be the least valuable for use in a tactical or other survival situation. It will be shame if I decide to sell them but the possibility is very real, with these socialist/communist loving and Constitution hating scum in office, that such will be the best course of action for right now. 

 If we are lucky, a meteorite will hit the House and Senate when in session and take them all out. (No I am not attempting to incite unlawful activity like an insurrection; I am expressing to you how disgusted and frustrated I am over the current course of events in our political standing and future.) America First - after all she is our country made up of none other than us.

All the best,
Glenn B