Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ammo & Happiness - They Are Intertwined

I was really pleased to be informed of this because it explains, in a good way, why I have been buying as much ammo as I have been purchasing in recent months. You see, it means that my buying ammunition was not because I was paranoid that I won't be able to buy it online, or afford it locally, once a certain provision of the NY SAFE Act kicks in. Nor does it mean that I was behaving in an obsessive-compulsive manner by repeatedly buying more and more and more and more ammunition. Heck, it doesn't mean anything like that at all. What it does mean is that I was assuring good mental health by making myself a happy person! Now that I think of it, I must be one of the happiest people in my neighborhood and I just made myself even happier by making another small ammo purchase of two boxes of Hornady® American Whitetail™, .308 Win., 150 Grain, Interlock, BTSP ammo from one of my favorite retailers:

All the best,
Glenn B