Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is He Kidding Or Just Out Of his Mind

Now here I go, getting political, and giving my opinion again, after I just said there would be a lack of it from me. What can I say: it's 5:57 Am, I am sitting here, was just reading the news, and read this:

"The anger is getting raw at Republican rallies and John McCain is acting to tamp it down. McCain was booed by his own supporters Friday when, in an abrupt switch from raising questions about Barack Obama's character, he described the Democrat as a "decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States.""

See this for more:

You probably can see how it got my blood to boiling, and my fingers to typing.

What in Hades is wrong with McCain. Does he really think that Obama is a good person, or is he out of his mind? Either way: Is McCain going to vote for Obama? It sure sounds like he will vote for him; and he has done all but tell us we should vote for him. I think otherwise though. Obama is less than a stellar American as I see him, heck as most Republicans and many Independents and some Democrats see him. Yet McCain basically abdicates any claim to even being a viable candidate with idiocy like that statement. I would say God damn it if I was a religious man, but for now I'll just say Holy Horse Poop Batman, what kind of shit is this?

I am beginning to think that McCain may be suffering from some form of early and mild dementia. He makes absolutely no sense when he says stuff like that at one moment and attacks Obama at another, unless of course his views are much more in line with Obama's than would his campaign have us believe. Remember he is not the candidate of choice for many Republicans, especially those of a conservative lean. He is the candidate with whom we got stuck after one hell of a convoluted primary. He is the so called Maverick. He allied himself with Kennedy and Feingold - so maybe it is just natural, for him, to do so with Obama. What will McCain do if elected, will he make Obama is co-president, or his closest advisor?

Hell - maybe I am not so sure for whom I will vote on November 4th. I know it will not be Obama, but if McCain keeps spitting out crap like that, well I may have to vote for Bob Barr. McCain is really becoming scary in how much he wants to bend over and be the ass kisser of all Americans. It just ain't gonna happen that he can appease everyone, and it is about time he either realizes that or starts taking psychotropic meds.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Election Nears...

...and as you have seen the amount of my blogging the body politic has withered. Why as such a critical time approaches?

Well, first of all, I am sick of it all. It has been going on for well over a year already. If you are not sick of it all by now, then you are demented. Just the choice of candidates should be more than enough to make one sick. The only candidate whom I believe has anything on the ball, and who possibly offers some hope of a better way is Sarah Palin. I almost cannot wait until 2012.

Secondly, I already know for whom I will cast my vote. It is a no brainer. I will vote for Sarah Palin. In doing so I will also vote for her running mate, good old John Whatshisname. Can you imagine that this lackluster, lame (I mean mentally as I don't care about his physical aspects all that much), apologetic (why does he continually apologize for those who show his opponent's weakness and inability to be a good president), condescending, flip-flopping, liberal Republican is actually one of only two choices for the top position in our government! It is a disgrace. No wonder all the hoopla is following the other guy right now.

As for the other guy, that one, Barack Hussein Obama, my opinion of him his less than my opinion of McCain by a long shot. He is arrogant to extreme excess, he is a charlatan as far as I can tell, he claims to be black and is less black than an Oreo actually being mulatto, he is a friend of a radically hateful racially preacher, he is friends of another radically hateful preacher, he is friends with a known (from what I have heard) domestic terrorist (the worst kind of terrorist - one who attacks his own nation), he is married to a woman who was never proud of her country until her country or part of it was willing to adore her husband, and he thinks these associations are okay and makes excuses for these people. In addition he has alleged ties to Muslim extremism, has ties to Kenyan leaders who are certainly less than upstanding citizens, has ties to leftists kooks of all sorts who apparently support him in rabid disregard for anything fundamentally American, and he thinks that to be something good. In addition this guy reeks of communist and socialist underpinnings.

Yes I know for whom I will cast my vote. It is not by choice as much as it is by necessity born of the situation in which we find ourselves. If I had a real choice, if there was another candidate for whom I could vote, one who at least truly stood for even half of the things I believe to be important, well I would vote for him or her in a heart beat. As it is, I see my only choice as an asshole who does not even know how to use a computer. Don't tell me that is because of his war wounds either, because I can find you hundreds if not thousands of example of people much more handicapped than him who use computers; some of them without arms let alone arms that just don't work all that well. We are simply stuck with two choices that suck. Yes I know there are other choices, such as the Libertarian Bob Barr, but the guy does not have a chance. In fact all voting for him will do is to steal votes from McCain. Yes dear readers, it sucks to be stuck with an asshole maverick and a bigger asshole change for the sake of change candidate for whom to vote in our presidential elections. Sort of makes me wonder -
Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott, when we need a hero to get us out of this jam. Then again folks even the heroes of silver screen couldn't save us from the mess we are in for this election! Well one of them maybe could have, and he was both an actor and a president, but he is gone now. Too bad his memory is not evoked by the candidate of my choice.

But I have digressed, so allow me to get back to my original point. There will be little, if any, political blogging by me from now to the election. Instead, I'll devote my time to watching old westerns on the tube, hoping beyond hope that a hero arises who will mount his steed in time for 2010. Why 2010, well that's when the next round of this political bullshit will begin anew if it follows suit with this campaign; I can only hope that someone will ride tall in the saddle above it all.

All the best,
Glenn B