Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Even CNN Admits - Trump Is Draining The Swamp

President Elect Trump has been more presidential, since the 2016 election (less than 2 months time as I type), than President Obama has been in almost 8 years in office! Keeping companies and jobs here in the USA, bringing jobs back to the USA, coming up with a plan to lower taxes, standing strong with our ally Israel and now this - standing tall for ethics in Congress by helping to force congress into dropping its plan to gut an independent ethics committee.

According to CNN: "President-elect Donald Trump dramatically strong-armed House Republicans into line Tuesday in his first Washington power play, after they voted to gut an ethics watchdog in a manner that undercut his vow to drain the establishment "swamp.""  CNN also had this to say: "The swift developments were a first sign of how Trump plans to govern and wield the power of his presidency -- and his Twitter account -- to bend Washington to his will and an early indication of the new power dynamic between Congress and the White House." More here.

We truly could be in for a long overdue breath of fresh air in Washington, DC. Way to go Mr. Soon To Be President of these United States of America. Somehow, even though this shows Trump standing for ethics in politics, I bet the #not-my-president types (leftist whiners and miscreants) will find fault with this latest development and hate The Donald even more than before because of it. Regardless of what they moan and groan about next, on January 20th, Donald Trump will become #my president and most definitely the president of every U.S. citizen and legal resident alien of the USA. I look forward to it.

All the best,
Glenn B

Apparently Doing His Part To Help End Global Warming...

...a man, reportedly armed with a "long rifle", was alleged by a 911 caller to have been hanging out of a moving vehicle's rear right window on the Florida Turnpike as he was shooting at cows (those evil producers of methane gas that we all know is one of the major cause of global warming). Police were able to find the vehicle and the man who was a passenger in it. They also found his AR15 in the car. The driver of the vehicle said had stopped so his passenger Elvis Antonio Artola could answer the call of nature and while stopped, Artola started shooting into the woods.The driver said he did not know if Artola was just shooting into the woods or at the cows. He also said he did not want to snitch on his friend. More here.

Make sure to listen to the recording of the 911 call at the bottom of the article and to the long pause after the guy tells the 911 operator what he was reporting and where it took place. It seems the 911 operator was at a loss for words there for a bit and who can blame him. Just when you had thought you had heard and seen everything you get a call about a psycho shooting cows from a moooooooooooving vehicle.

The report did not mention if he actually shot any cows. So, I don't know about you, but regardless of how hard he may have been trying to do his part to terminate a few causes of global warming (or get a free steak dinner), I think this guy actually could have sped up climate change. I mean, those cows almost certainly left behind large piles of manure and steamy clouds of methane gas as they were scared shitless and running for their lives.

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Glenn B

Having To Work In Retirement...

...really sucks.

Having a job in retirement that pays less than 1/3 of what I made before I retired:

Not being able to get job doing something I would truly enjoy, even if it paid less than for what I had hoped, because I live in a leftist run socialist welfare state run by a maniacal anti-RKBA tyrant:

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Glenn B